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Find Healing

Millions of people have been impacted by the authoritative control of destructive cults. Even after leaving, many still suffer from the effects of undue influence and the pressure of having forfeited personal freedom and control of their lives.

Healing can be found through understanding the true nature of a destructive cult, their methods of control, and the long-lasting struggles former cult members experience from day to day.

Understand Cult Manipulation

By learning and understanding the techniques used to influence or persuade groups of people into choices they would not normally make, former cult members can begin to heal. After having been the target of undue influence for any number of years, their pain is real. But with the right tools, former cult members can find peace with their new lives.

Finding Freedom

Many former cult members experience a level of freedom after leaving their oppressive groups. Until their mind is free from the after-effects of authoritative control, however, they are still bound by the programmed response to situations and emotions. Finding peace of mind through freedom of thought control is critical to healing. By understanding how cult groups control behavior, information, thought, and emotion, and by understanding how to reverse programmed response, former cult members can find freedom of mind.


Our Stories - When I Was A Child I Spoke Like A Child
I have fond memories of growing up in the "Message". We had good times in our small church. Where we lived, we never knew about all the things going on in other "Message" churches. We had a televisio ...

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Merry Christmas
One of my favorite things in life is watching how people change during Christmas. Though I avoid the crowds at all cost, I can't help but enjoy noticing people and their expressions in stores during ...

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Our Stories - A Very Branham Christmas
This story was sent in to us by a former member of the "Message" that we have tremendous respect for. We've met with Sylvia Perkins and her husband multiple times, and can honestly say that you will ...

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Our Stories

Our Stories - Turning Pain into Power
If you had told me 8 years ago that today I wouldn't be following the beliefs of William Branham's end-of-time "message", I would have sadly shaken my head and told you that I would pray for you. I would have undoubtedly viewed your words as a tactic of Satan to shake my faith. However, here I am-most definitely and courageously- NOT following Branham's "message". I have never felt freer. IN. MY. LIFE. I was 22 when I was literally thrown out by my parents for finally standing up for myself. I ...

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Jim Jones - The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy

When Reverend William Branham prophesied of God's blessing of Reverend Jim Jones ministry during a joint Latter Rain healing campaign in Indianapolis, Indiana, he had no idea what he had started. As Jones took his place in line as a "Malachi 4 Elijah Prophet," a deadly chain reaction ended in the deaths of over 900 people during what would become known as the Jonestown Massacre.

Did this chain reaction start with William Branham's call for an Exodus during his time in the ministry with Jim Jones? Historical data that has now been made available to the public might hold the answers.

Stone Mountain To Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis

Roy Elonza Davis was a religious grifter from Texas who hung his hat in middle Georgia to evade the Texas authorities. Posing as a Baptist minister, he made connections with prominent figures in Atlanta and the surrounding area. When the Ku Klux Klan was revived in 1915, Davis helped to write the constitution, by-laws, and ritual. As popularity of the White nights began to spread, Davis became an official spokesperson for William Joseph Simmons, the Imperial Wizard. more...

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NRK Norway Interviews John Collins

3/18/2018. Christian Nicolai Bjørke, investigative reporter for Norway's national news center NRK, interviews John Collins concerning the "Message".

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How To Defend William Branham Poorly Part 5 - An Interview with John Collins

Rod Bergen & John Collins continue to examine Wisper Gwena’s defence of William Branham. In this episode, Pastor Gwena’s defense of William Branham is challenged on the basis that:

  • All of William Branham’s prophecies are "after the fact" and even some of those he gets wrong.
  • William Branham made no valid "before the fact" prophecies on any of his publicly recorded sermons.
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