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Message Preachers Disrupt Port Stanley

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Message Preachers Disrupt Port Stanley:

From the article:

The Port Stanley visit is just the latest chapter in the street preacher's history of confrontation in recent years. The men follow the teachings of a dead U.S. preacher named William Branham.


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06\14\2019: Message Preachers Disrupt Port Stanley
05\27\2019: Message Preaches Charged in London
05\24\2019: The Message Part 33 - William Branham and Joseph Mattsson Boze
05\21\2019: Rev. Carnie Carpenter of the Church of the Brethren
05\17\2019: The Message Part 32 - William Branham and the Birth of the Message
05\15\2019: California Sinking Examined
05\10\2019: The Message Part 31 - William Branham and George J. Lacy
05\06\2019: Fugitive Mob Boss Found Hiding in Message Cult
05\03\2019: The Message Part 30 - William Branham and A. W. Rasmussen
04\26\2019: The Message Part 29 - William Branham and the Manifest Sons of God
04\26\2019: Investigative Report - Inside the Message of William Branham
04\24\2019: Message Cult Pastor Promoting Divorce of Non-Members
04\23\2019: Request for Message Cult Pastor Discharge Dismissed
04\22\2019: What is a Cult
04\22\2019: Message Preachers Facing Criminal Mischief Charges
04\19\2019: The Message Part 28 - William Branham and Clem Davies
04\15\2019: Documented History of Message Cult Indoctrination and Mind Control
04\12\2019: The Message Part 27 - William Branham and the Kardashian Family
04\12\2019: Courts Wont Be Enough to Silence Abusive Message Preachers
04\10\2019: London Message Preachers Radicalized
04\09\2019: ACJPT Releases Documents Confirming Ties to William Branham Through Joseph Mattsson-Boze
04\08\2019: Aggressive Message Preachers Charged After Church Service Interrupted
04\06\2019: UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham and the Kardashian Family
04\01\2019: In-Sight Journal Interview with John Collins on William Marrion Branham - Part Three
03\31\2019: William Branhams Message Cult Inspires More Street Preachers
03\31\2019: Message Cult Preachers Continue Insulting Women
03\26\2019: CBC News - Message Preachers Charged Under Amended Public Nuisance ByLaw
03\22\2019: Message Cult Preachers Charged For Violating Law
03\15\2019: In-Sight Journal Interview with John Collins on William Marrion Branham - Part Two
03\08\2019: In-Sight Journal Interview with John Collins on William Marrion Branham - Part One
02\23\2019: Where Can I Verify Historial Resources
02\21\2019: Facebook Post
02\14\2019: Tailoring Sermons To His Crowds
02\03\2019: Staged Healings in the Branham Campaigns
02\01\2019: The Message Part 25 - William Branhams Lost 1947 Sermons
01\30\2019: Correction - Rader Gospel Family
01\28\2019: Facebook Post
01\25\2019: The Message Part 24 - William Branham and W. E. Kidson
01\22\2019: Facebook Post
01\18\2019: The Message Part 23 - William Branhams Overnight Fame
01\18\2019: Facebook Post
01\14\2019: Facebook Post
01\11\2019: The Message Part 22 - William Branham and the Americanization Project
01\04\2019: The Message Part 21 - William Branham and Congressman Upshaw


12\28\2018: The Message Part 20 - William Branhams Missing Timeline
12\21\2018: The Message Part 19 - William Branhams Marriage and Divorce
12\14\2018: The Message Part 18 - William Branham and Fred Francis Bosworth
12\07\2018: The Message Part 17 - William Branham and E. Howard Cadle
11\30\2018: The Message Part 16 - William Branham and the 1940 Olympics
11\26\2018: Facebook Post
11\19\2018: Our Stories - Im A Survivor
11\16\2018: The Message Part 15 - The 1930 Odd Fellows Masonic Revival
11\09\2018: The Message Part 14 - William Branham and the Serpents Seed
11\04\2018: Our Stories - My Deliverance From a Religious Prison
11\02\2018: The Message Part 13 - William Branham and the Mishawaka Trip
11\01\2018: Facebook Post
10\31\2018: Facebook Post
10\26\2018: The Message Part 12 - William Branhams First Marriage
10\23\2018: 1936 Branham Tabernacle Date Confirmed
10\19\2018: The Message Part 11 - William Branhams Award Winning Music Band
10\19\2018: Facebook Post
10\14\2018: Facebook Post
10\12\2018: The Message Part 10 - William Branhams Trip to the Chicago Worlds Fair
10\11\2018: Facebook Post
10\05\2018: The Message Part 9 - The Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle
10\03\2018: Jim Jones and the Postwar Healing Revival
10\03\2018: First Use of the Name Branham Tabernacle
09\29\2018: William Branham - The Jeffersonville Newspaper Archives
09\28\2018: William Branham Claims He Raised Man From the Dead
09\28\2018: The Message Part 8 - William Branhams First Mission
09\25\2018: William Branhams 1908 Birthday Confirmed by Hope Branham
09\25\2018: Facebook Post
09\21\2018: The Message Part 7 - William Branhams First Pastor
09\21\2018: The Message - The Series
09\15\2018: The Message Part 6 - William Branhams First Church
09\08\2018: The Message Part 5 - The Kansas Outlaw
08\31\2018: The Message Part 4 - The Jeffersonville Branhams
08\29\2018: William Branham and Women Drivers
08\25\2018: The Message Part 3 - Why Little Jeffersonville
08\18\2018: The Message - Part 2 Jeffersonville Childhood
08\16\2018: Town Fears Another Rev. Jim Jones
08\13\2018: The Message - Part 1 An Awakening
07\27\2018: William Branham and the Mentorship of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple
07\26\2018: The Vandalia Meetings Branhams Rise to Fame
07\23\2018: Branham Cult Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Arrested In Iran
07\08\2018: Facebook Post
06\27\2018: New Book by Nathan Ogden
06\22\2018: Facebook Post
06\21\2018: Suicidal Cults
06\20\2018: Bipolar Disorder and Religious Cults
06\19\2018: When Organized Religion Becomes a Cult
06\18\2018: How Cults Rewire the Brain
06\15\2018: Our Stories - Turning Pain into Power
06\14\2018: The Wonderful Uncertain Future
06\13\2018: The Sustainable Belief in Truth
06\12\2018: Golden Opportunities
06\11\2018: Fear of the Unknown
06\08\2018: The Hex Placed Upon My Life
06\07\2018: The Three Signs of Cult Formation
06\06\2018: Dividing Families
06\05\2018: But What If It Does Not Say That
06\04\2018: Evan Mosely and the Plane Prophecy
06\01\2018: Our Stories - Healing the Broken Hearted and Binding the Wounds
05\31\2018: One Question Leads To Another
05\30\2018: Understanding Aggressive Separation
05\30\2018: Feedback from Cult Members
05\29\2018: Why Does Truth Matter
05\29\2018: London Considering New Bylaw To Stop Message Preachers
05\28\2018: Happy Memorial Day
05\25\2018: Our Stories - The Sum of All Error
05\24\2018: The Unforgiven
05\23\2018: When Did The Formal Church Organize
05\22\2018: Voices of Each Author
05\21\2018: Individual Voices of Individual Books
05\20\2018: What Was William Branhams Motive
05\19\2018: The Sante Fe High School Shooting
05\18\2018: Our Stories - The Religious Clown Car
05\17\2018: See What Everyone Is Talking About
05\17\2018: An Unsuspected Idol
05\16\2018: See What Everyone Is Talking About
05\16\2018: Conceptually Avoiding Concepts
05\15\2018: The 1611 Embarrassment To Hyper-Fundamentalism
05\14\2018: The Fundamental Error in Rejecting Freedom
05\13\2018: Voice of God Recordings Closed Due To Sex Scandal
05\11\2018: Our Stories - Iron Sharpens Iron
05\10\2018: Text Criticism
05\09\2018: The Importance of Understanding
05\08\2018: Assessing the Risk
05\07\2018: Leaving the Error of Our Ways
05\04\2018: Our Stories - The Gospel That Shuns Forgiveness
05\03\2018: Unorthodox Orthodoxy
05\02\2018: From Fundamental to Extreme
05\01\2018: Identifying Hyper-Fundamentalist Groups
04\30\2018: Hyper-Fundamentalist Christianity
04\27\2018: HOT OFF THE PRESS - Life After Cult - Surviving, Healing, Overcoming
04\26\2018: It Was OUR Cult
04\25\2018: Freedom
04\24\2018: Letting Go for Gain Instead of Loss
04\23\2018: The Important Things
04\20\2018: Our Stories - Near Death in Guyana
04\19\2018: Thicker Than Blood
04\18\2018: Investments
04\17\2018: We Are Stronger For it
04\16\2018: Letting Go
04\13\2018: Our Stories - Casting Pearls
04\12\2018: It Was There All Along
04\12\2018: Facebook Post
04\11\2018: Translating Into Other Languages
04\11\2018: Faith in Ourselves
04\10\2018: Man in the Mirror
04\09\2018: The Power of Community
04\06\2018: Our Stories - Our Light Exposure Religion
04\05\2018: The Power of Democracy
04\04\2018: Armed with Information
04\03\2018: The Many Battles of Armageddon
04\02\2018: Restored Faith in Humanity
03\20\2018: Ancient Law in Modern Time
03\19\2018: Concerning the NRK Norway Interview
03\18\2018: NRK Norway Interviews John Collins Concerning the Message Cult
03\17\2018: The Voice of Healing - Financial Powerhouse Behind Americas Faith Healers
03\17\2018: Facebook Post
03\16\2018: Our Stories - Why I Left the Message
03\16\2018: Facebook Post
03\15\2018: Who is God
03\15\2018: Facebook Post
03\14\2018: Reverse Progression
03\13\2018: Out of the Frying Pan
03\12\2018: Current Ancient Mythologies
03\11\2018: Facebook Post
03\10\2018: Facebook Post
03\09\2018: Our Stories - Sheep Without a Shepherd
03\08\2018: Why Does God Hate Us
03\07\2018: The Answer is NO
03\07\2018: Facebook Post
03\06\2018: The Power to Choose
03\06\2018: Facebook Post
03\05\2018: The Gift of Giving Support
03\02\2018: Our Stories - Our Thus Saith The Lord Prophecy
03\02\2018: Important Survey of Former Members of William Branhams Message
03\01\2018: Important Survey of Former Members of William Branhams Message
03\01\2018: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
02\28\2018: William Branham Following Labeled Cult by Evangelical Times
02\28\2018: Nothing To Fear
02\27\2018: William Branham Following Labeled Cult by Evangelical Times
02\27\2018: The Power of Experience
02\26\2018: Life We Control
02\26\2018: Facebook Post
02\23\2018: Our Stories - The Predators In Our Church
02\22\2018: Important Survey of Former Members of William Branhams Message
02\22\2018: Facebook Post
02\21\2018: Creating a Dream Life
02\20\2018: The Importance of Personal Value
02\19\2018: It Is Our World - Lets Fix It
02\18\2018: Joint Latter Rain Campaigns Between Jim Jones and William Branham
02\17\2018: William Branham and Peoples Temple
02\17\2018: Read Jim Jones - Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy Online
02\17\2018: Message Cult Preachers Causing Problems for Churches in Georgia
02\16\2018: Our Stories - The Error of Preaching From The Bible
02\15\2018: William Branham Message Cult in Congo Persecuting and Murdering Catholic Christians
02\15\2018: Research Page Updated - Frank Broy
02\14\2018: Private Meeting Between William Branham and Reverend Jim Jones At Claypool Hotel
02\13\2018: Survival Through Purpose
02\13\2018: Message Cult Preachers Arrested in Shreveport Louisiana
02\12\2018: The Healing Effects of Purpose
02\10\2018: Matthew Carapella and Steven Ravbar - Message Civil War
02\09\2018: Our Stories - Kissing the Ring
02\09\2018: Message Pastors Carapella and Ravbar Arrested - Now Terrorizing South Carolina
02\09\2018: Facebook Post
02\08\2018: Get To Know Yourself
02\07\2018: Looking Forward To Not Looking Backwards
02\07\2018: Facebook Post
02\06\2018: Overcoming Cult Withdrawal
02\05\2018: Change of Addiction
02\02\2018: Our Stories - The Powerful Voice of a Dying Man
02\01\2018: The Painful Day of Rest
01\31\2018: The Mask of Cult Bondage
01\29\2018: Hidden Warnings
01\26\2018: Our Stories - Striving For the Faith Which Works By Love
01\25\2018: Shifts In Individual Personalities
01\24\2018: The Cult Addict
01\23\2018: Limited Learning
01\22\2018: Cloudy With A Chance of Confusion
01\19\2018: Our Stories - Legal Ladies
01\18\2018: How To Defend William Branham Poorly Part 5 - An Interview With John Collins
01\18\2018: Blissful Sadness
01\17\2018: Our Stories - A Collection of Experiences
01\17\2018: Just Another Brick In The Wall
01\16\2018: Fortress of Solitude
01\15\2018: Unlearning to Learn
01\15\2018: How To Defend William Branham Poorly Part 4 - An Interview With John Collins
01\12\2018: Our Stories - Escape From Misogyny
01\11\2018: The Trigger to Success
01\10\2018: Loaded Language
01\09\2018: Overcoming Indoctrination
01\08\2018: Abrupt Transition
01\05\2018: Our Stories - Render Unto The Pastor
01\04\2018: Second Childhood
01\03\2018: Children Will Be Children
01\02\2018: Healthy Boundaries
01\01\2018: How To Defend William Branham Poorly Part 3 - An Interview with John Collins
01\01\2018: Happy New Year


12\29\2017: Our Stories - When I Was A Child I Spoke Like A Child
12\25\2017: Merry Christmas
12\22\2017: Our Stories - A Very Branham Christmas
12\21\2017: William Branham Teaching of Salvation
12\21\2017: A Whole New World
12\20\2017: An Unnatural Bond
12\19\2017: How To Defend William Branham Poorly Part 2 - An Interview with John Collins
12\19\2017: Children of the Oppression
12\18\2017: In Too Deep
12\17\2017: Take The Message Quiz
12\16\2017: Book Sale - Now Through December 23
12\15\2017: Our Stories - Ruth Collins
12\14\2017: Iron Sharpening
12\13\2017: In It For The Short Haul
12\12\2017: Precious Memories - How They Shift
12\12\2017: How To Defend William Branham Poorly - An Interview with John Collins
12\11\2017: Keepers of the Scrolls
12\10\2017: Rev. Willard Collins 3 Million Dollar Estate
12\10\2017: Facebook Post
12\08\2017: New and Exciting Transition - Personal Testimonies
12\07\2017: Keepers of the Faith
12\06\2017: Following the Leader
12\05\2017: Change
12\04\2017: Lean On My Understanding
12\03\2017: Louisiana Rifle Association and the OKKK
12\01\2017: Self-Awareness With Self Control
11\30\2017: Who Was That Masked Man
11\30\2017: I Am The Vine, Ye Are My Favorite Branches
11\29\2017: Accountability
11\28\2017: Positive Leadership
11\27\2017: Understanding Leadership
11\27\2017: Facebook Post
11\25\2017: William Branham - A Historical View of a Non-Historical Legacy
11\23\2017: Happy Thanksgiving
11\22\2017: Overcoming Emotional Abuse
11\21\2017: The Unforgiven
11\20\2017: No Longer Homesick
11\17\2017: VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism
11\17\2017: Update and Correction - VOGR Claims Message Banned In Russia As Extremism
11\17\2017: Back to Reality
11\16\2017: Manifested Sons of God - The Destructive Theology of William Branham
11\16\2017: Eggshells We Walked Upon
11\15\2017: Mental Gymnastics
11\14\2017: Burdens Lifted
11\13\2017: Off The Shelf Interviews John Collins - Part 4
11\13\2017: Emotional Healing
11\11\2017: A Complex Situation
11\10\2017: The Power of Information
11\09\2017: Family Secrets
11\08\2017: In The Mouth of Three Witnesses
11\07\2017: The Power of a Question
11\06\2017: Off The Shelf Interviews John Collins - Part 3
11\06\2017: A Change In Perspective
11\04\2017: William Branham Misogynistic Audio Clips
11\03\2017: London Street Preachers - Awareness
11\03\2017: Clear and Present Danger
11\02\2017: The Whole Truth And Nothing But
11\02\2017: Jim Jones History - List of References
11\01\2017: Jim Jones and the Malachi 4 Prophecy of Elijah
10\31\2017: Nothing To Hide But Perception
10\30\2017: Second Childhood
10\30\2017: John Collins Interview with Off the Shelf - Part 2
10\27\2017: Be Ye Almost Like Me
10\26\2017: The Black and White
10\25\2017: Wash, Rinse, Repeat
10\24\2017: Loving Our Fellow Man
10\23\2017: John Collins Interview with Off the Shelf - Part 1
10\23\2017: Childlike Cult Faith
10\20\2017: Reverend G. Willard Collins - 1926-2017
10\20\2017: Breaking Down The Walls
10\19\2017: Healthy Adjustment
10\18\2017: Nothing Shocks Me Anymore
10\17\2017: Public Apology And Correction
10\17\2017: No Longer The Victim
10\16\2017: Strike One You're Out
10\13\2017: No More Shame
10\12\2017: Feeling Overwhelmed
10\11\2017: Unraveling The Stories
10\10\2017: Brainwashed White As Snow
10\09\2017: I Didnt Think About That
10\06\2017: Freedom From Abuse
10\05\2017: Shunning
10\04\2017: No Longer A Prisoner
10\03\2017: Individual Voices As One
10\02\2017: It Is Our Story - We Own It
09\29\2017: Escape Stories
09\28\2017: Stages of Healing
09\28\2017: Facebook Post
09\27\2017: New Life Reborn
09\27\2017: Branham Message Commission To London Street Preachers
09\26\2017: Mayor of London Asks For Calm As Message Cult Preacher Confrontations Get Physical
09\26\2017: Hold Fast To What Is Good
09\25\2017: Establishing Who We Are
09\25\2017: CBC Interviews John Collins About Street Preachers Terrorizing London
09\25\2017: Audio of John Collins Interview On Londons CBC
09\23\2017: Matthew Carapella Profile of a Message Cult Recruit
09\22\2017: Understanding Identity Transformation
09\22\2017: Branham Message Cult Street Preachers Terrorizing London, Ontario
09\21\2017: Taking Back Control
09\20\2017: Separating Fantasy From Reality
09\19\2017: Healthy Places of Worship
09\18\2017: Creating Leaders
09\16\2017: Looking For The Missing Recordings of William Branham and Jim Jones from 1957
09\15\2017: William Branham's Second Joint Campaign with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Held in 1957
09\15\2017: William Branhams Second Joint Campaign with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Held in 1957
09\15\2017: The Emotional Identity Bond
09\14\2017: Overcoming Manipulation
09\13\2017: The Burden We Bear
09\12\2017: The Awakening
09\11\2017: Healing Programed Responses
09\08\2017: Boundaries That Heal
09\07\2017: For The Children
09\06\2017: Remembering The Good Times
09\05\2017: The Shadow of Something Greater
09\01\2017: Public Apology and Retraction - End Time Youth
08\29\2017: Does God Change His Word
08\22\2017: 1918 Eclipse - Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest
08\21\2017: Caught Using False Eclipse Information As Fear Strategy
08\18\2017: Public Apology and Correction - Enoch and Noah
08\12\2017: Rev. Paul Cain
08\11\2017: Branham and Latter Rain - Manifest Sons of God
08\08\2017: Municipal Bridge Research Information Updated
08\07\2017: Cult Leaders Misrepresenting Facts To Stall the Exodus
07\28\2017: Timeline of Events Connected to William Branham
07\27\2017: John Collins Radio Interview - Jim Jones and WIlliam Branham
07\27\2017: Interview With John Collins-Jim Jones And William Branham
07\07\2017: FREE THIS WEEKEND Jim Jones - The Malachi 4 Prophecy
07\01\2017: William Branham and the Rapture Tent
05\25\2017: Jim Jones Identified As Leader In William Branham's 'Message' Cult
05\24\2017: Jim Jones Identified As Leader In William Branham's 'Message' Cult
05\15\2017: Return To The Amish - William Branham Message Cult
02\24\2017: The Bridge Architectural Drawings
02\24\2017: Blueprints for the 'Bridge Prophecy'
02\24\2017: Blueprints for Bridge 'Prophecy' Available on Facebook
02\23\2017: The Tabernacle Dedication Problem
02\21\2017: William Branham Prophesying Before His Birth
02\20\2017: Challenge To Cult Pastors Names of the Men Who Died on the Bridge
02\18\2017: William Branham Admits Plagiarizing Clarence Larkin's Timeline
02\17\2017: William Branham Admitting To Copy Clarence Larkin's Timeline
02\16\2017: William Branham Debate in Congo
02\13\2017: Feds Check Into Weapons Deal - Find Roy E. Davis
02\11\2017: William Branham and the Oppression of Women
02\10\2017: William Branham and Homosexuality
02\08\2017: William Branham Message Cult Controlling Government and Banking Systems
02\07\2017: Former Cult Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse in Phoenix
02\06\2017: Roy E. Davis Mercenary Group Out Of Control
02\01\2017: The Mind Control Test
01\30\2017: Timeline Photos
01\27\2017: Now Claims That William Branham Was Jesus Christ
01\25\2017: William Branham Message Cult Debate in the Congo
01\24\2017: William Branham on Divorce and Remarriage
01\23\2017: Was William Branham Honest About His Mexico Trip
01\23\2017: Message Cult Pastors Saeed Abedini and Youcef Nadarkhani
01\21\2017: Still Waters Children Indoctrination Camp Hides Photo
01\20\2017: William Branham Performs Second Wedding of Rudolph Broy
01\18\2017: Davis' Message Cult Influence Hits British Columbia
01\17\2017: Leah Remini - Scientology and the Aftermath
01\16\2017: William Branham's Battle Against Civil Rights
01\13\2017: Was William Branham Honest About His Family
01\13\2017: Message Cult Falling Apart In The Congo
01\11\2017: William Branham and the Ku Klux Klan Protest Against Superman
01\11\2017: William Branham and the Klan Protest Against Superman
01\09\2017: William Branham's OTHER Life Story
01\06\2017: William Branham Praising Adolf Hitler - Believe Every Word
01\06\2017: Confirmation The Colonia Nazi Camp Followed William Branham
01\05\2017: VIDEO - Inside A William Branham 'Message' Cult Commune
01\05\2017: Interview with John Collins
01\04\2017: Voice of God Recordings Rejects 1947 In Children's Quiz
01\04\2017: God Is Not The Healer - William Branham is
01\01\2017: Voice of God Recordings Caught Lying About 1946


12\31\2016: Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth -- AGAIN
12\31\2016: Vandenberg Launch Dates
12\31\2016: 1947 or 1946
12\30\2016: Voice of God Recordings Caught Withholding Sermons
12\29\2016: How To Spot A Manipulative Church Leader
12\28\2016: Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth
12\26\2016: 2016 - A Year in Review
12\24\2016: Surviving The Holidays
12\23\2016: William Branham - 1 Corinthians 11
12\21\2016: William Branham's Little Known Revenue Stream
12\20\2016: Is the Message Cult Going Militant Again
12\19\2016: Truth Be Told
12\17\2016: Seek The Truth Site Search
12\17\2016: Are 'Message' Cult Leaders Executing Unbelievers
12\16\2016: Are Cult Leaders Honest About The Cabin
12\15\2016: Voice of Healing - Signs - Wonders - Prophets - Advertising - Business
12\14\2016: William Branham - Miracles For Sale
12\13\2016: Whispering Discernments Into William Branham's Ear
12\12\2016: How Long Have The Branhams Been In Business With T. L. Osborn
12\09\2016: William Branham and the Failed 1948 Doomsday Prediction
12\08\2016: William Branham vs. The Bible
12\07\2016: William Branham's Extreme Racism Examined After 2016 Death of Ku Klux Klan Chaplain
12\06\2016: William Branham Doomsday Predictions - Seek The Truth
12\05\2016: William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prophecy - Part 2
12\04\2016: William Branham 1954 'Nuggets'
12\04\2016: UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham 1954 'Nuggets'
12\02\2016: William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prediction
11\30\2016: Self-Published Miracles of William Branham
11\29\2016: The Issue of Voice of Healing that VOGR Does NOT Want You To See (Cont)
11\28\2016: Was William Branham Honest About His Education
11\27\2016: William Branham - Senior Editor
11\25\2016: The Voice of Healing Issue that VOGR Does NOT Want You To See
11\25\2016: Only Believe Wilbur Ogilvie
11\23\2016: Another Healing of Congressman Upshaw -- By Brother Ogilvie
11\21\2016: The Failed Healing of Howard Branham
11\19\2016: Were The Branham Family Also Grifters
11\19\2016: Does The Branham Circus Act Lead To Roy E. Davis (Part 2)
11\18\2016: Prophecies Stolen From The Associated Press
11\18\2016: Did William Branham's Mother and Father Travel In A Circus
11\17\2016: Sixteen Men Fall To Their Deaths In Ohio River Bridge Accident
11\16\2016: William Branham and Medical Science Journals
11\14\2016: The Davis Brothers Jeffersonville Revival
11\11\2016: Timeline Photos
11\10\2016: Voice of God Recordings and JJF Report 112.3 Million Dollars in Assets
11\09\2016: Cult Pastors Gambled on Hillary Clinton for President -- BUT The Odds Were Against Them
11\09\2016: Cult Minister Responds To Interview With In-Sight Journal
11\07\2016: Congressman William D. Upshaw - Unassisted By Crutches in 1923
11\05\2016: William Branham and the 2016 Election
11\05\2016: Update And Addition - William Branham and the 2016 Election
11\04\2016: William Branham, John Barleycorn, and William D. Upshaw
11\02\2016: Congressman Upshaw and the Healing Power of Sargon
11\01\2016: John Collins Interview with In-Sight Journal
10\31\2016: Congressman Upshaw Healed By Sargon
10\28\2016: Upshaw Article Bragging In Klan Fiery Cross Newspaper
10\27\2016: William Branham Heals Only The Purple Hands
10\26\2016: William Branham Using Congressman Upshaw For Advertising
10\26\2016: Voting For Hillary Or Trump - Correction
10\25\2016: Voting For Hillary Or Trump
10\24\2016: Congressman Upshaw In Shreveport 1915 -- HEALED
10\23\2016: Jonestown Newsletter Examines Cult Mind Control
10\22\2016: Colonia Dignidad and Jonestown
10\21\2016: William Branham and the Florence Nightingale Photos
10\19\2016: Former Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying about Roy E. Davis
10\17\2016: Roy E. Davis Church of God Revival
10\15\2016: Interesting Coincidence In Branham's Death
10\14\2016: Roy E. Davis and the Seven Prophecies of 1931
10\13\2016: Congressman Upshaw and Voice of God
10\12\2016: Ku Klux Klan Burns Records In Shreveport Louisiana
10\11\2016: William Branham Caught Lying To Hide His Connection to Congressman Upshaw
10\10\2016: Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying To Protect Roy E. Davis
10\07\2016: Roy Davis and the Assemblies of God
10\06\2016: William Branham Using Ku Klux Klan Slogan For Segregation
10\05\2016: Roy E. Davis Arrested in Shreveport Louisiana
10\04\2016: Cross Burning In Shreveport Points To Roy E. Davis
10\03\2016: Roy E. Davis Saluting In A Ku Klux Klan Robe
10\02\2016: Voice of God Recordings Accidentally Publishes Branham's Missing 'First Ministry' Advertisement
10\02\2016: Update and Correction
10\01\2016: The Fifteen Prophecies of 1931
09\30\2016: The Gospel in the Stars
09\28\2016: William Branham and the Wheelchair Failure
09\23\2016: It Runs In The Family
09\21\2016: The Failed India Trip
09\19\2016: Only Believe, Branham's Theme Song Written by Paul Rader
09\16\2016: In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses
09\13\2016: The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck
09\12\2016: 50 Reasons Why You Should Join The OKKK
09\11\2016: The Cadle Tabernacle Photographs
09\09\2016: Legal Discovery For Message Cult Victims
09\05\2016: Roy E. Davis Pentecostal Debate
09\03\2016: White Supremacy Branham's Early Influence of the Assemblies of God
09\02\2016: The Tragedy of Donny Morton
08\31\2016: See What Everybody Is Talking About
08\30\2016: The Trail of the Serpent
08\30\2016: Thank You For Your Support
08\29\2016: Brumback Holds The Key To The Ku Klux Klan
08\26\2016: Germany Releasing Files on Message Cult Pastor Paul Schafer
08\25\2016: Branham Cult Pastor Arrested For Religious Radicalism
08\24\2016: William Branham Healing Scandal - Part 2
08\23\2016: Message Cult Pastor Arrested for Hate Speech
08\22\2016: Federal Bureau Investigation of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
08\20\2016: Way of Life Ministries Describe Branham's Healing Scandal
08\19\2016: Roy E. Davis Letter To The Editor For Ku Klux Klan
08\15\2016: William Branham's Moving Targets
08\12\2016: Little David Walker And William Branham's First Ministry
08\05\2016: Cult Pastor Claims Leader Is Vindicated Because Woman Has A Period
08\04\2016: Paul Jenkins Radio Interview Discussing The Branham Cult
08\03\2016: How To Be A More Effective Message Believer
07\20\2016: Preacher Behind the White Hoods - Will They Stop It
07\19\2016: Preacher Behind the White Hoods - Will They Stop It
07\12\2016: William D. Upshaw - Running Man
07\11\2016: William D. Upshaw - Running Man
07\08\2016: John Collins Radio Interview About His New Book
07\04\2016: Rev. Jim Jones and William Branham
07\03\2016: William Branham and Berniece Hicks
07\01\2016: Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again 150 years after founding
06\24\2016: Stone Mountain To Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis
06\06\2016: Dark Mystery Publications, LLC
05\27\2016: Timeline Photos
05\13\2016: Are Message Ministers Credible
04\30\2016: Colonia - William Branham Sect Exposed
04\27\2016: I Never Took Up An Offering, Not One Single Time
04\26\2016: I Never Took Up An Offering, Not One Single Time
04\23\2016: Roy E. Davis Page Updated - Roy E. Davis Timeline
04\21\2016: Roy Davis Page Updated
04\20\2016: The 1945 Gift or the 1948 Gift
04\19\2016: Timeline Photos
04\18\2016: Roy Davis Page Updated With Congressman Upshaw Connection
04\08\2016: John Collins Radio Interview Discussing William Branham's Sinister History (Part 2)
04\05\2016: Government Documents Page Updated
04\04\2016: Government Records Page Updated. Changes include
04\03\2016: Roy E. Davis - Grand Theft Auto and Murder
04\03\2016: Leslie Douglas Ashley Page Updated
04\01\2016: John Collins Radio Interview Discussing William Branham's Sinister History
03\30\2016: William Branham and the Homosexual Transvestite Murderer Updated
03\29\2016: Coming Soon
03\26\2016: Government Records Page Updated
03\23\2016: Congressman Upshaw Page Updated
03\15\2016: Roy E. Davis Page Updated
03\05\2016: Sister Hicks Complaint Available Online
03\03\2016: Partner Page Updated
03\03\2016: Emma Watson Stars In Movie About William Branham's Message Mind Control Cult
03\02\2016: New Government Records Available
02\25\2016: Sister Hicks In Trouble With Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Suit
01\31\2016: Keith Loker - A Victim of the Message Cult
01\30\2016: William Branham - Sex, Nudity, And the Seattle Worlds Fair
01\29\2016: Facebook Post
01\28\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Sexual Molestation
01\27\2016: Roy E. Davis - Family Abandonment and Felony Conviction
01\26\2016: Roy E. Davis - 1961 Dallas News
01\25\2016: The Amazing Floating Pulpit Trick
01\24\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Greatest Threat To The Message
01\23\2016: William Branham - Salt Is A Savior, not a Savor
01\23\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - One Way Door
01\22\2016: Voice of God Translators Caught Covering William Branham's Errors
01\22\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Chronological Therapy
01\21\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Somewhere In Time
01\20\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - The Emotional Roller Coaster
01\19\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Reversing Fear and Guilt
01\18\2016: William Branham - Jumalan Rauhaa I spoke In tongues
01\17\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Simulated Happiness
01\16\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Elitist Mentality
01\15\2016: William Branham - The Evidence of the Holy Ghost
01\14\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Conspiracy Theory
01\13\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Black Or White
01\12\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Understanding The Cult Identity
01\11\2016: William Branham - Did 'Colored' People Come From Animals
01\10\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 3
01\09\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 2
01\08\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 1
01\07\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Regaining Control
01\06\2016: Testimony Of Leaving The Message
01\05\2016: William Branham Cult Pastor Stands For Truth
01\05\2016: Cult Pastor Set Free, Agapao Tablet Introduced
01\04\2016: Easy Marriage For Pleasure In Jeffersonville
01\03\2016: Message Cult Doctrine - Be Kind To The Bride
01\02\2016: Message Mind Control - Destruction of the Authentic Self
01\01\2016: William Branham's Vision Of Dr Sam Adair's Clinic
01\01\2016: William Branham - Because He Said So


12\21\2015: 2015 - A Year To Remember
12\20\2015: Timeline Photos
12\20\2015: The 1982 Resurrection of William Branham
12\19\2015: Branham Tabernacle Radio
12\18\2015: Was F. F. Bosworth Responsible For Death In The Healing Campaigns
12\17\2015: Congressman Upshaw and Roy Davis Children's Orphanage
12\17\2015: Christmas Comes Early - New STT Mobile Site Live
12\16\2015: Henry Branham - Bantamweight Champion
12\15\2015: William Branham - The Present-Day Ku Klux Klan Movement
12\15\2015: Joseph Branham - Thou Art A Prophet
12\14\2015: E. Howard Cadle and the Cadle Tabernacle Klan Meetings
12\13\2015: William Branham's Psychoneurotic Confession
12\12\2015: Jezebel Message Churches
12\11\2015: William Branham Cult History - Roy Davis and the Queens of the Golden Mask
12\10\2015: The Jeffersonville Branch of the Ku Klux Klan
12\09\2015: Congressman Upshaw and the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
12\08\2015: William Branham's Klan Agenda - The Election Of President Kennedy
12\07\2015: Roy E. Davis, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and the Kennedy Assassination
12\06\2015: William Branham And The Christmas Nativity Scorning
12\06\2015: Voice of God Recordings Removes Bridge Testimony
12\06\2015: Correction To Bridge Post
12\05\2015: William Branham's Christmas Tax Amazement
12\05\2015: Fully Decided To Move On
12\04\2015: William Branham's Santa Claus
12\04\2015: Halation - A 1931 How To Guide On Making Halos
12\03\2015: William Branham's Christmas Gifts
12\02\2015: William Branham's Christmas Tree
12\01\2015: Message Mind Control - Behavior Modification Through Group Conformity
11\30\2015: William Branham and the Stolen Piano
11\30\2015: Roy E. Davis And His Band Of Merry Women
11\29\2015: Young Foundations - Bowing To Branham
11\29\2015: The Louisville 1931 Egg-Shaped Car Prediction
11\29\2015: America's Final Decision
11\28\2015: Message Mind Control - Brainwashing
11\27\2015: Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest - Family Liquor History
11\26\2015: Four Years - A Moment of Thanksgiving
11\25\2015: Is Joseph Branham Being Honest - The Archives
11\24\2015: Has Voice Of God Recordings Been Caught Lying - Part 2
11\23\2015: The Race for the Maginot Line Prediction
11\23\2015: Is The Pope Vindicated Too
11\22\2015: Hope Branham's Obituary - William Turns Against God
11\21\2015: Message Cult Mind Control Education
11\20\2015: William Branham's Kentucky History In Question
11\20\2015: Questions About The Newspaper Article
11\19\2015: Message Mind Control - Loaded Cult Language
11\18\2015: Newspaper Articles for the 1890 Bridge Caisson Disaster
11\18\2015: Is Joseph Branham And Voice of God Recordings Misusing Donations - Part 2
11\18\2015: George Smith - Fighting For Blood
11\17\2015: Sixteen Men Drown Like Rats
11\17\2015: Newspaper Articles for the 1890 Bridge Caisson Disaster
11\17\2015: Is Joseph Branham and Voice Of God Recordings Misusing Donations
11\17\2015: Has Voice of God Recordings Been Caught Lying
11\16\2015: The Race For The Egg Car Prediction
11\16\2015: Official Arizona Game And Fish Javelina Hunt Regulations
11\15\2015: Message of Terror - Richard Blair
11\15\2015: Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenburg AFB Launch History
11\15\2015: Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenberg AFB Launch History (Take 3)
11\14\2015: Is Joseph Branham Being Open And Honest With The People
11\13\2015: William Branham - State Game Warden
11\12\2015: William Branham - The Houston Bosworth-Best Debate
11\11\2015: William Branham and the Jonestown Massacre
11\11\2015: Joseph Branham Raises The Dead
11\10\2015: When Death Certificates Become The Nail In The Coffin
11\10\2015: Official Death Certificate for Sharon Rose Branham
11\09\2015: Official Death Certificate for Hope Branham
11\09\2015: Message Mind Control - Illusion, Abuse, and Addiction
11\08\2015: William Branham Cult Doctrine - Rape And Torture of Children
11\08\2015: William Branham - Infidels of Change
11\07\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Statement of Faith
11\07\2015: Cub Corner Message Cult Mind Control
11\06\2015: The Many Doomsday Predictions of William Marrion Branham
11\06\2015: Charles Branham Death Certificate
11\05\2015: Message Mind Control - Recruitment Approaches
11\05\2015: Edward Winford Branham Dies
11\05\2015: Earlier Post Pulled For More Research
11\04\2015: Was It A Branham Family Murder Or A Suicide
11\04\2015: The Message Connection of Jim Jones and William Branham
11\03\2015: Message Mind Control - Hidden Secrets and Lies
11\03\2015: Message Cult - Why Transparency Is An Issue
11\02\2015: Message Mind Control - Phobias
11\01\2015: Open Letter To Billy Paul and Joseph Branham
11\01\2015: Did We Catch Billy Paul Branham Lying About Vandalia
10\31\2015: Pentecostal-Style Mind Control Cult Law vs Grace
10\31\2015: Message Mind Control - Destructive Cult Structure
10\30\2015: William Branham and the Official 1907 Birthdate
10\30\2015: Breaking Free From The Cult - Start With The Foundation
10\29\2015: When Will We Start Examining The Fruits
10\29\2015: The Fruits of Sexual Abuse In The Cult Following of William Branham
10\29\2015: Message Mind Control - The Influence Continuum
10\28\2015: Servers Back Online
10\28\2015: Human Trafficking - For What Purpose Would They Let Evil Continue
10\28\2015: Branham Cult Secrets - Calvary Tabernacle Church
10\27\2015: Message Mind Control - Cult Growth
10\27\2015: Is The 'Message' Cult Responsible For Human Trafficking
10\27\2015: Cub Corner - Where Is Jesus
10\26\2015: William Branham's 1948 Testimony
10\26\2015: New Government Records Online
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10\25\2015: William Branham - One Iota Right On The Dot
10\25\2015: Message Mind Control - Fear of Leaving
10\24\2015: Voice of God Recordings Articles of Corporation
10\24\2015: Message Mind Control - Life With Father
10\24\2015: Did The ... Message ... Bride of Christ Shrink
10\23\2015: Message Mind Control - Insiders
10\23\2015: Billy Paul Branham And The Letters Of Legal Defense
10\22\2015: Message Mind Control - Recruitment
10\22\2015: Billy Paul Divorce - Deciphering Court Shorthand
10\22\2015: Billy Paul and the Impossible God
10\21\2015: William Branham - The Non-Eternal Covenant of Grace
10\21\2015: Message Mind Control - Destructive Cults
10\21\2015: Back To The Future - More Accurate Than The Message
10\20\2015: Partner Page Updated
10\20\2015: Message Mind Control - The Cult Identity
10\20\2015: Exposing Cult Secrets - Billy Paul's Divorce
10\19\2015: The Message - A Mind Control Cult
10\19\2015: Still Waters Camp - Get The Young People
10\18\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Hiding King George
10\18\2015: Joseph Branham and the Dead Fly
10\18\2015: Is Billy Paul Proof of William Branham Having Pre-Marital Sex
10\17\2015: William Branham - The Bear, The Plane, and the Tent
10\17\2015: Was Hope Pregnant When She and William Branham Married
10\17\2015: God Stole William Branham's Prophecies From The Cornerstone
10\16\2015: 'Little' David Walker and Branham's 'Message'
10\16\2015: God Tabernacled In The Flesh - Farewell Speech By Former Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle
10\16\2015: Billy Paul's First Marriage
10\15\2015: William Branham - The Y2K Doomsday Problem
10\15\2015: William Branham - How Could I Forget That
10\14\2015: Raymond Hoekstra, Little David, Leslie Ashley, and William Branham
10\14\2015: Absolute Authority - Acceptance Speech By The Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, Samuel Barber
10\13\2015: What Was William Branham Hiding
10\12\2015: Something Was Wrong - Resignation From The Branham Tabernacle
10\12\2015: Demanding The Return of Alleged Stolen Property
10\11\2015: William Branham Pastor Convicted of Rape and Pornography
10\11\2015: Letter To The Trustees of the Branham Tabernacle
10\10\2015: In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses - Resignations From The Branham Tabernacle
10\09\2015: CONVICTION - Bro. GEORGE SMITH [ THE CLOUD OF 1963 ]
10\09\2015: Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association - Updated
10\08\2015: A Deacon's Small Voice - Resignation from the Branham Tabernacle
10\07\2015: William Branham and the Transvestite Elijah
10\06\2015: The Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association
10\06\2015: Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns
10\05\2015: Kipperman and Ayers Involved In Forgery And Counterfeit
10\05\2015: Joseph Branham Answers The Failed Prophecies
10\04\2015: Song Leader Resigns Amidst Branham Tabernacle Scandal
10\03\2015: Guitars and Cadillacs
10\02\2015: Resignation Letter From The Deacons At The Branham Tabernacle
10\01\2015: Did William Branham Withhold Evidence In The Transvestite Murder Trial
09\30\2015: William Branham's Consistent Ministry
09\29\2015: William Branham The Spoken Word versus The Holy Spirit
09\29\2015: William Branham, The Prostitute, The Transvestite and the Cloud
09\28\2015: William Branham and the Atomic Saucer Scare Strategy
09\28\2015: William Branham, the Prostitute, and the Homosexual Transvestite Murderer
09\27\2015: William Branham's Vehicle Demon
09\26\2015: Unsealed FBI Files Reveal Cult Church Ponzi Scheme
09\26\2015: Cognitive Dissonance From William Branham's Cult Following
09\25\2015: William Branham's Uncertain Assurance of Salvation
09\24\2015: William Branham The Omnipotent God
09\23\2015: William Branham Along Came Avak The Armenian
09\22\2015: William Branham's Angel of May 18, 1948
09\22\2015: Testimony and Triumph
09\21\2015: William Branham And The Conquering Power of Knowledge and Wisdom
09\20\2015: Apology To Voice of God Recordings, and a Public Retraction
09\19\2015: William Branham's Apology
09\19\2015: On William Branham's Officiating the Remarriage of His Brothers
09\18\2015: William Branham and Children's Television Programming
09\18\2015: Joseph Branham, Kenneth Hagan, and Tommy Osborn
09\17\2015: William Branham Secretly Performing Remarriages After Divorce
09\17\2015: Who's On First Heaven
09\17\2015: One Last Question
09\16\2015: The Secret Marriage And Divorce Lifestyle Of The Branham Family
09\16\2015: Henry Branham - We're Getting Some new Gadgets for Recording
09\15\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Still Waters Resort Zoning Appeal
09\15\2015: Do Message Followers Believe William Branham Was God
09\14\2015: William Branham's Birthdate Issue
09\14\2015: No Strings Attached
09\13\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 5
09\13\2015: Education Versus Ignorance - William Branham's Strategy of Blissful Ignorance
09\12\2015: Several Cult Churches Challenge Voice Of God Recordings In Court
09\12\2015: A Thinking Man's Private Conversation
09\11\2015: William Branham Evangelistic Association Arizona
09\11\2015: William Branham and Gordon Lindsay Flying Saucer Phenomenon
09\11\2015: The New Government Records Page
09\10\2015: Branham Tabernacle - The Official Government Documents
09\10\2015: Beatle Healing Mania
09\09\2015: William Branham and Woman Preachers
09\09\2015: The 1936 Deed vs. William Branham's Life Story
09\09\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 4
09\08\2015: William Branham and Jack Moore
09\08\2015: Timeline Photos
09\08\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 3
09\08\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 2
09\07\2015: Edgar Cayce and William Branham
09\06\2015: The Baxter - Branham Campaigns
09\05\2015: William Branham - I Was Standing Just Below This
09\04\2015: William Branham and Snake Handling
09\03\2015: William Branham and the Zodiac of Healing
09\03\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split
09\02\2015: Three High Words
09\01\2015: Tailoring To The Crowd
08\31\2015: The Message And The Messenger Are One And The Same God
08\31\2015: A Shaking Up At The Branham Tabernacle
08\30\2015: Who Heals The Infants
08\30\2015: Confessions of a Cult Pastor
08\29\2015: William Branham's Forced Alter Calls ... With Vengeance
08\29\2015: William Branham's Forced Altar Calls ... With Vengeance
08\28\2015: William Branham's 1946 Judgment
08\27\2015: Jeffersonville Indiana Is Doomed
08\26\2015: William Branham Deep Calleth Unto The Deep - Did Billy Paul Call an Audible
08\26\2015: Just Another Doomsday Cult
08\25\2015: William Branham's Rapture of 1962
08\24\2015: The Obliteration of Louisville Kentucky
08\23\2015: Them Ants Are Attacking The United States
08\23\2015: Billy Paul's Last Words
08\22\2015: The Passing of Pearry Green
08\22\2015: How to Spot a Legalist
08\21\2015: Tribute To Pearry Green (1933 - 2015)
08\21\2015: The Martian Prophecy
08\20\2015: Let's Join Together And Help
08\19\2015: UPDATED Secret Audio Letter to Lee Vayle
08\19\2015: Secret Audio Letter To Lee Vayle
08\18\2015: Science Is Of The Devil
08\17\2015: William Branham's 'Jonestown' of 1977
08\16\2015: Testimony Describing Experiences In A Branham Cult
08\15\2015: Africans Declare Branham To Be God
08\14\2015: Response From Voice of God Recordings
08\13\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 10
08\13\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - Court Records
08\12\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 9
08\11\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 8
08\11\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - We Stand Corrected
08\11\2015: Here I Stand - Updated
08\10\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 7
08\10\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - Claiming Ownership Of The Tabernacle
08\09\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 6
08\08\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 5
08\07\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 4
08\06\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 3
08\05\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 2
08\04\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 1
08\03\2015: William Branham's Disneyworld Supercar
08\03\2015: William Branham Advising Against Solomon
08\02\2015: Joseph Branham And Honesty
08\02\2015: Deceptive Cult Marketing
08\02\2015: Combining Seth With Cain
08\01\2015: William Branham - Just A Man - He Made Mistakes
08\01\2015: Helping Others
07\31\2015: To Hell With William Branham
07\30\2015: William Branham - No Man Knoweth The Hour In 1977
07\30\2015: A Walk Through History - Seek The Truth Blog
07\29\2015: The Strategies Of A Cult Pastor
07\29\2015: Freemasonry - The Masonic Lodge - religious cults, sects and movements
07\28\2015: William Branham, Dowie, and Wigglesworth
07\27\2015: William Branham And The Baal of Peor
07\26\2015: Satan Casting Out Satan
07\25\2015: Voice Of God Recordings Hides Blank Spots
07\24\2015: William Branham's Filthy Mouth
07\24\2015: only believe -- elvis presley
07\23\2015: Why Didn't Anyone Correct William Branham
07\23\2015: 10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been 'Americanized'
07\22\2015: William Branham's Marriage And Divorce
07\22\2015: Because He Said So
07\21\2015: William Branham's Prophecy Humble Pie
07\20\2015: William Branham's Holy Ghost Experience
07\20\2015: Intentions
07\19\2015: William Branham Misinterpreting Nazarite Vows
07\18\2015: William Branham and Homosexual Pigalle
07\17\2015: The 'One' Vision That Didn't Happen
07\16\2015: William Branham Is Not False
07\16\2015: A Matter of Facts
07\15\2015: What About the Miracles
07\15\2015: How 'Bout Them Second Brown Bears
07\14\2015: Let's Talk Numbers
07\14\2015: Dedicated In 1933. Or 1934. Or 1935. Or 1936
07\13\2015: I'm Not An Old Man Yet
07\11\2015: The Pentagram Tabernacle Embarrassment
07\11\2015: Haters
07\09\2015: Seeking God
07\09\2015: Houston During Cloud, Back To Arizona, Later Add A Face
07\08\2015: An Example of William Branham's Blatant Lies
07\07\2015: George Smith Admitting Cloud Date Discrepancy
07\06\2015: Cancer
07\04\2015: William Branham's Racial Slurs in the Sermons
07\04\2015: The Chicken or the Woman's Egg
07\04\2015: Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder
07\03\2015: DID YOU KNOW - Fourth of July
07\01\2015: Let's Talk Diseases
06\30\2015: Can you catch the 'Revelation' about 1977
06\29\2015: Moving Targets
06\29\2015: Letter To Bro Jackson
06\27\2015: To The Many Who Are Contacting Us About Homosexuality
06\26\2015: William Branham On Salvation
06\26\2015: A Refutation of William Marrion Branham
06\25\2015: Is "The Message" the Word of God for Today
06\25\2015: An In-Depth Comparison Between Larkin and Branham
06\24\2015: Things we can agree on
06\24\2015: Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin
06\23\2015: The Romans Road
06\23\2015: Slumber
06\22\2015: Unending Questions
06\21\2015: Proverbs 20.7
06\20\2015: The Park - William Branham and Homosexual Predators
06\19\2015: William Branham And The Dylann Roof Massacre
06\19\2015: Logical Fallacies--The Strawman
06\17\2015: Did William Branham Ban Soccer
06\16\2015: Logical Fallacies--Comparing Apples to Oranges
06\16\2015: Do the Math William Branham and 1977
06\15\2015: Logical Fallacies-The Ad Hominem
06\14\2015: Slothful Christians
06\13\2015: Pastors Leading Their Congregations From William Branham Back To The Bible
06\12\2015: Biblical Exegesis
06\11\2015: I Surrender
06\10\2015: Something's rotting in the message
06\10\2015: Rivera's 'Logical Refutation of Branham's Message
06\09\2015: The Testimony of Alfred Pohl
06\09\2015: Such an UNCERTAIN SOUND
06\08\2015: The Subtility of Message Recruitment
06\08\2015: Facebook Post
06\07\2015: I Survived A Cult - Personal Glimpses Of An Exodus
06\06\2015: I Survived A Cult - Personal Glimpses Of An Exodus
06\06\2015: Galatians 5.1
06\05\2015: William Branham's Political Agenda
06\04\2015: John F. Kennedy - William Branham Prophecy Fulfilled
06\03\2015: William Branham's Trumpet of Uncertainty
06\03\2015: Who Will Lead Us Now That William Branham's Exposed As A False Prophet
06\03\2015: Seek The Truth - The Cult of William Branham
06\03\2015: From William Branham to Christ - Emily's Testimony
06\03\2015: 'Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater'
06\02\2015: Branham's Bible Bashing Bonanza
06\01\2015: William Branham Shortnickers
06\01\2015: Facebook Post
06\01\2015: Christian Patriarchy and Sex—What the Bible Teaches (Part 5)
05\31\2015: Why Does The Birthdate Matter, Anyway
05\30\2015: The Law and the Prophets
05\29\2015: William Branham's 'Future Home' Plagiarism
05\28\2015: Leaving That Garbage Behind For Good
05\28\2015: Larkin's Trail of the Serpent
05\28\2015: Gender Roles --What the Bible Actually Teaches (Part 4)
05\27\2015: Sex Scandals and Christian Patriarchy (Part 3)
05\27\2015: Lee Vayle on the Bridge Prophesy
05\27\2015: Correction To Today's Post
05\26\2015: The Duggars (Christian Patriarchy) vs. The Message of William Branham (Part 2)
05\26\2015: I'm Jesus, I'll Take You In The Rapture
05\25\2015: Memorial Day
05\25\2015: Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal
05\24\2015: One Prophet At A Time
05\23\2015: Billy Paul's Tough Job
05\21\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
05\19\2015: William Branham's Cloud - Seek The Truth
05\18\2015: GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE
05\18\2015: Branham's 1977 Prediction and Jonestown
05\17\2015: THE 1933 PROPHECY OF THE 1977 DOOMSDAY
05\17\2015: John 1228-36
05\16\2015: John 1217-28
05\16\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
05\15\2015: William Branham - Before I DIE
05\15\2015: The Many Commissions
05\15\2015: John 129-17
05\14\2015: The Twisted Scripture
05\13\2015: Facebook Post
05\12\2015: Facebook Post
05\11\2015: Rest, Through Salvation
05\10\2015: Facebook Post
05\08\2015: You Will Remain
05\08\2015: Food for thought
05\07\2015: The Intersection of William Branham and Jim Jones
05\06\2015: Scripture Warns of False Prophets
05\05\2015: Bible verses about pride
05\03\2015: These 10 Things We Don't Want Our Kids to Learn at Church Are 100 Spot On - For Every Mom
04\30\2015: Facebook Post
04\29\2015: Where My Troubles Started
04\29\2015: Hope's Nurse
04\28\2015: Torturing Turtles for Fun
04\28\2015: Posted to the user posts on this page
04\23\2015: Where do we go after leaving the message
04\23\2015: Rebekah The Prophet
04\23\2015: Letter to Joseph Branham
04\23\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
04\22\2015: Where is our Rest
04\22\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Questioning The Bible
04\22\2015: Recommended
04\22\2015: Facebook Post
04\21\2015: Logically Flawed Arguments on
04\21\2015: For those feeling all alone
04\20\2015: From the FAQs page on
04\17\2015: Voice of God Recordings Contradictions (continued)
04\16\2015: Voice of God Recordings Contradictions
04\15\2015: Toddler Prophecy - William Marrion Branham Quotes
04\15\2015: Happy Tax Day
04\14\2015: WOMEN DRIVERS
04\14\2015: Facebook Post
04\14\2015: Dead Baby Raised
04\13\2015: The Mexican General
04\13\2015: Facebook Post
04\12\2015: Facebook Post
04\09\2015: Beat Your Women
04\08\2015: Facebook Post
04\07\2015: Facebook Post
04\06\2015: Facebook Post
03\18\2015: With A Cheerful Heart
03\16\2015: Hebrews 3- Greater Than Moses
03\06\2015: Raising Lazarus from the Dead-Part 2 John 11-17-44
02\23\2015: Hebrews 2- Sufficiency of Christ
02\12\2015: John 11 - For God s Glory
02\02\2015: John 10-22-42 Ye Are Gods
01\29\2015: In These Last Days
01\24\2015: After The Message- A Letter to Those Who Have Left
01\20\2015: Blind But Now I See
01\16\2015: Galatians 6- Pride In Ourselves
01\07\2015: John 8-33-47- You belong to your father the devil
01\05\2015: The Bridge Grace Built


12\30\2014: John 8-12-32- Sin is 'Unbelief'
12\26\2014: Galatians 4- Our Chains Are Broken
12\16\2014: He Who Is Without Sin
12\12\2014: Galatians 3- Faith or Works
12\02\2014: Moving Forward
11\26\2014: John 1-17-43
11\24\2014: Leaving The Message
11\05\2014: We d Like Your Suggestions
11\04\2014: Who Is The New Voice Speaking For Seek The Truth
10\20\2014: The Intersection of William Branham and Jim Jones
10\14\2014: Response To Willard Collins- Polygamy
09\12\2014: Jim Jones and William Branham The Doomsday Prophet
08\13\2014: The Light Struck The Lens
08\05\2014: Future Home vs. Dispensational Truth
07\25\2014: Horizons - by Norman Bel Geddes
07\15\2014: Only Begotten Son
05\29\2014: A CALL TO ACTION
05\06\2014: To Become Like Sinners
05\05\2014: An Uncertain Sound
05\04\2014: The Evening Light
05\03\2014: Temporary Hell
05\02\2014: King James Only
05\01\2014: Pretending To Be God
04\30\2014: Divorce Your Wives
04\29\2014: The Achievement Of The Holy Spirit
04\28\2014: The Gospel
04\28\2014: Gene And Leo
04\27\2014: William Branham vs. The Bible
04\26\2014: Honesty
04\25\2014: The Prophets
04\24\2014: Elijah
04\23\2014: Balaam
04\22\2014: Moses
04\21\2014: Enoch
04\20\2014: Creation
04\19\2014: John F. Kennedy
04\18\2014: Franklin D. Roosevelt
04\17\2014: Moving Targets
04\16\2014: The Commissions
04\15\2014: Fatherless
04\14\2014: Childhood
04\13\2014: A Strange Birth
04\12\2014: The Twisted Scripture
04\11\2014: California- Still Standing
04\10\2014: Driverless Eggcar
04\09\2014: Tragedy Of Donnie Morton
04\08\2014: Grips of Fear
04\07\2014: The Church Ages
04\06\2014: The Bridge
04\05\2014: The Cloud
04\04\2014: Easy Questions
04\03\2014: Jehovah s Witness
04\02\2014: Ground Rules
04\01\2014: Marks of the Beast
03\31\2014: A Cloud By Day
03\30\2014: A Pillar Of Fire By Night
03\29\2014: Faith Healing
03\28\2014: An Angered God
03\27\2014: Prophecies of 1933
03\26\2014: 1933 Baptism
03\25\2014: Bridge Prophecy
03\24\2014: Toddler Prophet
03\24\2014: Job
03\23\2014: Jim Jones And William Branham- The Open Door
03\16\2014: The Rapture
03\13\2014: Adding New Prophecies Into The Table
03\12\2014: The Forest Cathedral
03\12\2014: Rev. Jim Jones and William Branham
03\11\2014: Hindering The Kingdom
03\10\2014: On Branham s Plagiarism of Clarence Larkin
03\07\2014: A Sodom Condition
03\06\2014: Creators of Squirrel
03\02\2014: Rosicrucians
02\24\2014: The Good Shepherd
02\20\2014: Mixed Marriage
02\19\2014: Raping Women
02\18\2014: Donny Reagan Most Racist Pastor In America response
02\17\2014: The Failed Prophecy Of The Women s Vote
02\14\2014: Divine Healing in the Branham Campaigns
02\10\2014: The Worldly Message of Divine Healing
02\03\2014: Your Father The Devil
02\01\2014: The Fruits of Trick Photography
01\30\2014: Casting The First Stone
01\28\2014: It s Time To Stand Up
01\27\2014: The Gnostic Holy Spirit
01\24\2014: Administrative Actions
01\23\2014: One Truth- Cafeteria-Style Religion
01\23\2014: Cafeteria-Style Religion
01\21\2014: The Da Vinci Code
01\21\2014: My Father Gives The Bread
01\20\2014: Prophet Like Unto Me
01\18\2014: What Is the Good News
01\17\2014: Hiding the Gospel
01\16\2014: The Authority of the Son
01\15\2014: Faith In Faith
01\14\2014: You re Not Alone
01\14\2014: Believe The Sign
01\13\2014: Condemn the Woman or Save The City
01\11\2014: Sir I Perceive That You Are A Prophet
01\10\2014: Handing Over The Reins
01\09\2014: Judgment Or Grace
01\08\2014: Worshipping What
01\07\2014: The Buck Stops Here
01\06\2014: Robert Gumbura
01\06\2014: Powerless Christ
01\04\2014: Son of Man
01\03\2014: Impure Sacrifice
01\02\2014: Behold The Lamb of God
01\01\2014: In The Beginning


12\25\2013: Merry Christmas
12\22\2013: Power In The Gospel
11\29\2013: Virtual Reality
11\01\2013: Let The Reader Understand
10\31\2013: The Spirit of the Antichrist
10\30\2013: The Eagle Prophet
10\29\2013: Lies For The Sake Of A Holy End
10\28\2013: Young Foundations
10\25\2013: The Power of Seventeen
10\24\2013: Halloween
10\23\2013: Lies About The Death Of His Father
10\22\2013: The God of Wrath
10\21\2013: The Latter Days
10\17\2013: The Day of the Lord
10\15\2013: Obadiah
10\14\2013: Titus
10\13\2013: Seven Church Ages
10\11\2013: Haggai
10\10\2013: Nahum
10\09\2013: Habakkuk
10\08\2013: Zephaniah
10\07\2013: Lamentations
10\02\2013: Can Two Walk Together
10\01\2013: Simon Magus
09\30\2013: Irenaeus- Offering Salvation To The Sinners
09\27\2013: Sethians and Cainites
09\26\2013: Fountain of Gnostic Light
09\25\2013: Marcus And The Number Seven
09\24\2013: The Second Church Age Messenger
09\23\2013: The Secret
09\23\2013: Leveraging Independence For Failed Prophecy
09\22\2013: The Secrets of a Cult Pastor
09\20\2013: 1933 World s Fair
09\19\2013: Rejecting The Holy Spirit
09\17\2013: Trail of the Serpent ... I mean money
09\17\2013: Serpent s Seed
09\16\2013: Marriage And Divorce
09\13\2013: Are You A Preacher
09\12\2013: The Failed Prophecy of Judgment
09\11\2013: The Prophet-God
09\10\2013: In The Beginning
09\09\2013: William Sowders
09\08\2013: Preparing Ourselves For The Coming
09\06\2013: Insult Or Exhortation
09\05\2013: Watch Russia
09\04\2013: A Prayer For Syria
09\03\2013: Our NEW Prophet
08\30\2013: Egyptian Nights
08\29\2013: Narcissism
08\28\2013: Profanity
08\28\2013: Morning Mercy
08\23\2013: Seed- Joint Heir With The Shuck
08\22\2013: Song Of Solomon - You Must Be Over 18
08\22\2013: Song Of Solomon - Must Be Over 18
08\21\2013: Transistor Radio Prayer Lines
08\21\2013: Out Of The Cult And Into Grace
08\20\2013: Moving Bracelets
08\19\2013: Splinter Groups
08\15\2013: William Branham s Life Story
08\14\2013: Adding More Failed Prophecies
08\13\2013: The Uncertain Sound of the Trinity
08\12\2013: The Love Story
08\11\2013: As The Father Spoke About Jesus Christ So Shall He Speak About His Prophet. ... Or Will He
08\09\2013: Psychological Warfare
08\08\2013: Weights
08\05\2013: Rebel Without A Cause
08\02\2013: Finding Comfort In Grace
07\30\2013: Boundaries
07\29\2013: Rules
07\29\2013: Out Of The Cult And Into Grace
07\26\2013: WWCD
07\25\2013: The Failed Tent Prophecy
07\25\2013: Failed Tent Prophecy
07\24\2013: Rest In The Sacrifice
07\23\2013: Light In The Wilderness
07\22\2013: Denominated
07\19\2013: Denying The Great Commission
07\19\2013: Bethel House of Whatevertheyserve
07\18\2013: I WILL leave you AND forsake you
07\17\2013: Coiled Springs
07\16\2013: Jewish Mysticism
07\15\2013: Avoiding The Book of Esther
07\14\2013: Cult Awareness Handbook
07\12\2013: Millstone Around The Neck
07\12\2013: Cult Awareness Handbook
07\11\2013: The Gospel of Jesus Christ
07\10\2013: Racist Elisha
07\09\2013: To Whom Shall We Go
07\09\2013: New Branham Apologetics Site In Romania
07\08\2013: Extra-Biblical Details
07\08\2013: Bypassing Calvary
07\02\2013: The Lawless One
07\01\2013: Job s Accuser
06\29\2013: The Case for Christ
06\26\2013: Speed Demon
06\25\2013: What To Do With All That Time
06\25\2013: Mixed Audience in Jeffersonville
06\25\2013: Masonic Order of the Eastern Star
06\25\2013: FREE PUBLICITY
06\24\2013: Searching For Vindication
06\23\2013: A Thing Called Love
06\22\2013: Was William Branham Honest Part 2
06\22\2013: Branham s Jesus Or the Jesus of the Bible
06\21\2013: Sports
06\21\2013: Humility
06\20\2013: Discernment
06\20\2013: A thought for consideration
06\19\2013: BARK Like a DOG
06\18\2013: Purgatory- The same message that Paul preached
06\17\2013: The ACHIEVEMENT of the Holy Spirit
06\15\2013: Paris Reidhead and Islam
06\13\2013: Jesus vs. Jesus
06\12\2013: Separation
06\10\2013: Three Types of Believers
06\08\2013: Tourist Trap
06\05\2013: Moses
06\03\2013: South African Political Agenda
05\31\2013: Misogyny
05\30\2013: Hearts of the Fathers
05\29\2013: You sin ... therefore you do NOT believe
05\27\2013: Zionist
05\26\2013: Scofield
05\23\2013: Signs of a Cult
05\22\2013: Wormwood
05\20\2013: Works
05\17\2013: The Commission
05\14\2013: Superhero
05\13\2013: High Priest
05\11\2013: William Branham- Freemason
05\10\2013: William Branham- Shape Shifter
05\10\2013: The Dirty Thirties
05\09\2013: William Branham- Shape Shifter
05\06\2013: A Pardon IS A Pardon When God Gives It
05\05\2013: Possum Stories
04\30\2013: Incantation
04\28\2013: The Severed Hand
04\26\2013: Branham s Healing Numbers Game
04\26\2013: About Seek Ye The Truth
04\25\2013: Pride
04\23\2013: Thieving Pastors Stealing Tithe Money
04\22\2013: Kill The Prophet Save The People
04\22\2013: Homosexuality
04\21\2013: Kill The Prophet Save The Chosen
04\19\2013: Branham Organized Crime and Little Las Vegas
04\18\2013: Spiritual Sickness
04\16\2013: Worldliness
04\12\2013: In His Presence
04\09\2013: Apostle Paul- Let Her Hair Be Shorn
04\08\2013: Beauty Is Of The Devil
04\05\2013: Television
04\04\2013: Salvation Outside The Cult
04\04\2013: Salvation Outside of the Cult
04\01\2013: As It Was In The Days Of Noah
03\31\2013: Fulfilling The Law And The Prophets
03\31\2013: Branham- Altering the Covenants
03\31\2013: As It Was In The Days Of Noah
03\29\2013: The Park
03\28\2013: Drink your wine with a merry heart
03\28\2013: Combining Heresies Into The Godhead
03\26\2013: Branham Closet Trinitarian
03\25\2013: Deacons Or Military Police
03\23\2013: The Seventh Seal of Idolatry
03\19\2013: The Gospel- What We Stand For
03\19\2013: Serpent's Seed – From Kabbalah To Branham
03\18\2013: William Marrion Branham- The Accursed
03\18\2013: Three posts deleted
03\15\2013: Reminder To Users
03\14\2013: School Of The Prophets
03\14\2013: James Ayers
03\14\2013: Hidden Meanings In Genealology
03\12\2013: Rsponse To Donnie Reagan
03\12\2013: Donnie Reagan
03\09\2013: Response To Jeff Jenkins
03\08\2013: Misuse of Thus Saith The Lord
03\07\2013: Branham- The Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme
03\06\2013: William Branham- Sorcerer
03\05\2013: The Cloud The Idol In The Hearts
03\05\2013: Cloud Timeline
03\04\2013: Deception In The Church
03\03\2013: Teetotalism
03\02\2013: Roosevelt vs. Hitler
03\01\2013: Divine Love
02\28\2013: Signs of the Times
02\27\2013: The Squeeze
02\24\2013: Cookie Jars
02\23\2013: 1954
02\22\2013: Creating Another Door To Salvation
02\21\2013: Wake Up Christ Is Still Coming
02\20\2013: Cult Followers Afraid To Read Their Bibles
02\19\2013: Faith In Faith Not In Christ
02\18\2013: Screaming Preachers
02\17\2013: Hiding The Cross From Others
02\16\2013: Christ The Adopted Savior
02\15\2013: Praying To An Angel Preying Upon Us
02\14\2013: Freedom in the Gospel
02\13\2013: Hebrews Chapter Six
02\12\2013: The Mosque of Papacy
02\11\2013: A Different Jesus
02\10\2013: Sola Scriptura
02\09\2013: What Would You Do
02\09\2013: Popularity Contest With God
02\08\2013: William Marrion Branham- Antichrist
02\07\2013: Thus Saith William Branham Not God
02\06\2013: Women Were Made To Deceive
02\06\2013: The Holy Spirit Is Our Anchor
02\06\2013: Having The Holy Ghost and Going To Hell
02\05\2013: In The Beginning Was The Deception
02\04\2013: Sex Eve Adam and Steve
02\04\2013: Leonoids
02\03\2013: Send Me A Double Portion
02\02\2013: Those Who Would Condemn A Bundle Of Sticks
02\01\2013: Thus Saith The Lord
01\31\2013: Punishment To Descendants Of A False Prophet
01\30\2013: Paul Already Revealed The Mystery
01\29\2013: What s In A Name
01\29\2013: Bible Believers - Forging Copies For False Prophet
01\28\2013: Who exactly was WMB praying to
01\28\2013: Voices of Healing
01\28\2013: Seek The Lord And Live
01\28\2013: Molech Aliester Crowley and William Branham
01\27\2013: Power Without Foundation
01\26\2013: The Bride The Mother of Harlots
01\25\2013: The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck
01\24\2013: Super Apostles
01\23\2013: Delusional Lawlessness
01\22\2013: How Exactly Does One Plagiarize A Pyramid
01\22\2013: Be Ready To Defend Your Beliefs
01\21\2013: Followers of Christ Not Men
01\21\2013: Deep Calleth Out To The Deep
01\20\2013: The Light Not evening light of the Gospel of Christ
01\19\2013: Message Ponzi Schemes
01\19\2013: Do Not Let Your Women s Hair Be Like Maenads
01\18\2013: The Three Stooges
01\18\2013: The god Of A False Prophet
01\18\2013: Sociopathic Pastors
01\18\2013: Arianism
01\17\2013: Gluttony.
01\17\2013: All Things Are Lawful
01\16\2013: The Holy Spirit That Takes Away All Fear
01\15\2013: Praising John Alexander Dowie
01\15\2013: Fate of a False Prophet
01\14\2013: Creater of Deception
01\13\2013: Stay With The Word
01\12\2013: As It Was In The Days of Noah
01\11\2013: Meet Our New Leader
01\10\2013: Support Your Local President
01\09\2013: The Cloud -- From A Different Angle
01\09\2013: Rise Above It
01\08\2013: The Precepts Of The Law
01\07\2013: Touch Not Taste Not
01\07\2013: Signs To Look For In An Evening Light Ministry
01\06\2013: The Son The Archangel And The Evening Light
01\05\2013: Evening Light Upon The Ashes Of The Wicked
01\03\2013: Shutting The Kingdom of Heaven In People s Faces
01\02\2013: Harvest Time
01\01\2013: The Iron and the Clay
01\01\2013: Iron and the Clay


12\31\2012: Where The Dead Bodies Lay There Will The Eagles Gather
12\31\2012: The Dead Bodies Lay There Will The Eagles Gather
12\30\2012: William Marrion Branham - The Holy Daily Horoscope
12\30\2012: The Seventh Angel Messenger That Lied
12\29\2012: The Evening Light of Destruction
12\29\2012: It Shall Be Light About The Evening Destruction
12\28\2012: Pride And The Serpent
12\26\2012: Trying To Lift Satan Back Up When He s Down
12\26\2012: QUICK SATAN S DOWN ...Let s lift him up again
12\26\2012: Ahhh The Imagination Of A Two-Year-Old
12\25\2012: The Greatest Birthday Known To Mankind
12\24\2012: Measuring Our Blessings
12\23\2012: The Humble Servant Of Greatness
12\22\2012: The Burden Of The Truth
12\21\2012: The Un-lifted Veil
12\20\2012: Spiritual Discernment
12\19\2012: Power In The Name of Jesus
12\18\2012: The Tree That Bears No Fruit
12\17\2012: Once Enlightened
12\17\2012: A Different Gospel
12\16\2012: Fully Embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
12\15\2012: Hidden From The Wise and the Prudent
12\14\2012: Contaminating The Wine
12\13\2012: Gentiles Were Saved By Grace Not Law
12\13\2012: Christ The ALMIGHTY God Let me introduce you
12\12\2012: Those Who Proclaim The Gospel Without Sincerity
12\11\2012: Scatter The Seed
12\10\2012: The Royal Law
12\09\2012: Mary Ella Branham
12\09\2012: Free From The Law Bound By The Gospel
12\08\2012: The Javelina Hunt
12\07\2012: We Must Persevere With Faith Prayer and Love
12\06\2012: Our Stories - A Sigh Of Relief
12\06\2012: I Am The Least Among You
12\05\2012: Condemnation Of Those Who Do Not Love Truth
12\04\2012: Living Stones of a Spiritual House
12\03\2012: Paul s Message
11\29\2012: Vessels of Wood and Clay
11\28\2012: The Gospel is the Only Sound Doctrine
11\28\2012: Buy The Free Books
11\27\2012: The Deceivers Of The Harvest
11\27\2012: Our Stories - A Different Person
11\27\2012: Good Evening Friends
11\26\2012: And Not A Single Picture Developed ..but MY Halo
11\25\2012: The Dinosaurs
11\25\2012: I Have Overcome The World
11\23\2012: Another Helper The Spirit of Truth
11\21\2012: The Magic of Eighty Percent
11\21\2012: God s Rest
11\20\2012: Paul s Hierarchy Of Gifts
11\16\2012: The First Step In Your Journey Is The Hardest
11\16\2012: That First Step Of The Journey Is The Most Important
11\16\2012: Not By Will Of The Flesh
11\15\2012: The Monument
11\15\2012: Back When I Was A Child I Spoke Like That
11\14\2012: Did You Know
11\13\2012: The Walking Dead
11\13\2012: Paul s Mystery
11\12\2012: The Rich Young Ruler
11\12\2012: Brother Jones
11\11\2012: The Rock That Never Fails
11\10\2012: Curses Foiled Again
11\10\2012: Christ Is The Way To The Father
11\10\2012: Branham- The Trinitarian Non-Trinitarian
11\09\2012: Not The Righteous For The Sinners
11\08\2012: Paul s Example
11\07\2012: Test The Prophets
11\07\2012: Pinterested
11\06\2012: Egypt Will Be Blessed
11\05\2012: The Fire The Beast and the False Prophet
11\04\2012: God Is Love
11\03\2012: Love Makes Us Blameless Before God
11\03\2012: Impersonating God the Father
11\02\2012: The Failed India Vision Branham Admitted
11\01\2012: The Gospel To The Gentiles
10\31\2012: Jars of Clay
10\30\2012: The Cheerful Giver
10\29\2012: The Altar of Witness
10\28\2012: The Friendship of Herod and Pilate
10\27\2012: To The Unknown God
10\26\2012: Do Not Worship The Angel
10\25\2012: Trusting In Oppression
10\24\2012: Arrogance Towards Other Christians
10\23\2012: Christ Was The Shepherd Of The Flock Doomed To Slaughter
10\22\2012: William Marrion Branham- Necromancer
10\22\2012: But The Word of God Increased And Multiplied.
10\21\2012: The Woman With Thus Saith The Lord
10\20\2012: Those Seven Angels That Met Me In The Room
10\20\2012: But As For Us The Lord Is Our God And We Have Not Forsaken Him
10\20\2012: Brother Stair
10\19\2012: William Marrion Branham- The Cult
10\19\2012: Beware of the Scribes
10\19\2012: 1954 ... The First End Of The World Before 1977
10\18\2012: The Vindicated Prophet
10\18\2012: The Reason The Law Changed
10\17\2012: Mary the Mother of Jesus
10\16\2012: Searching Out The Truth
10\15\2012: Respect Authority And Fulfill The Law By Love
10\15\2012: Islam and Jesus The Prophet
10\14\2012: The Baptism Gospel
10\14\2012: Jewels In His Crown
10\13\2012: The Sixty-Seven Sins of the New Testament
10\11\2012: Paul s Departure
10\10\2012: Twisting Scriptures
10\09\2012: Those Sinful Ministers
10\08\2012: The Watchtower
10\08\2012: Some Will Hear But Will Never Understand
10\07\2012: Zoroastrianism and Balaam
10\07\2012: Women s Place In The Home
10\07\2012: Liberty Is Not Liberty When Bound By Another s Conscience
10\07\2012: Buddhism- Making Satan Equal To God
10\06\2012: The Thorn In Our Flesh
10\04\2012: Avoid Cleverly Devised Stories
10\03\2012: Setting Your Minds At Ease
10\03\2012: I Was Just Like You Remember
10\02\2012: Judged By The Spirit
10\02\2012: 1933 Municipal Bridge Prophecy
10\01\2012: Follow Me
09\30\2012: Warning Against Worldliness
09\29\2012: Delivering The Deceived From Thus Saith The Lord
09\28\2012: Undivided Body of Christ
09\27\2012: Take Up Your Cross and Follow Christ
09\26\2012: The New World Order
09\26\2012: Let My People Go
09\25\2012: Kaballah and Name Numerology
09\25\2012: Gnosticism
09\25\2012: Eat Drink and Be Merry God Has Approved It
09\24\2012: Vibrations in the Hand - Direct from Wiccan
09\24\2012: The Sun That Stood Over Gibeon
09\24\2012: Freemasonry And The Message
09\23\2012: Bless The Name Of The Lord
09\22\2012: Removal of Mold
09\22\2012: Cheating Death By Outliving Your Own Lifespan
09\21\2012: Preparing For Battle
09\20\2012: False Apostles
09\19\2012: The Priests Are At Fault For Leaving The Knowledge of God
09\18\2012: Blaspheming The Name of God Through Law
09\18\2012: 2000 Cities Worldwide
09\17\2012: The Sermon On The Mount- The Solid Foundation
09\16\2012: The Difference Between Law And Grace
09\15\2012: The Evil Doctrine
09\15\2012: Branham Messed Up ... Let s FIX it
09\15\2012: 1907 and Alexander Dowie
09\14\2012: Exalting Christ By Exalting Others
09\13\2012: The Ginormous Little Bride
09\12\2012: Rolling in Dog s Vomit After the Death of the Dog
09\11\2012: Do Not Forget The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
09\10\2012: Abiding In God Through Divine Love
09\09\2012: Imprisoned For Christ
09\08\2012: Going Beyond The Elementary Principals of the Law
09\07\2012: Do Not Go Beyond the Bible
09\06\2012: Paul and Peter s Argument
09\05\2012: Pure Joy in Christ
09\04\2012: Third Person of the Trinity
09\04\2012: Do Not Let Your Past Sins Drag You Down
09\03\2012: Forget About The Past Look Towards The Goal
09\02\2012: The Treasure To Be Revealed
09\01\2012: Paul s Astonishment
08\31\2012: Save Yourselves And Everyone Who Listens
08\30\2012: The Body Built By Love
08\29\2012: Made Perfect Through Christ
08\28\2012: Freed From The Law Walking in the New Law of the Spirit
08\27\2012: All Things Are Lawful to Lift Up One Another
08\26\2012: Search Us O God
08\25\2012: Take Assurance of Christ Through Faith
08\24\2012: Proud of our Weakness
08\23\2012: United We Are The Temple of God
08\22\2012: Once For All
08\21\2012: Encouragement of the Scriptures
08\19\2012: Let Our Enemies Believe The Sign
08\18\2012: The New Covenant- Christ Came to Fulfill The Law
08\17\2012: Praise God We re FREE
08\16\2012: Wisdom and Holy Spirit vs Witchcraft and Sorcery
08\16\2012: Mixing Law and Grace
08\15\2012: God s Wrath as Protection From False Prophets
08\14\2012: Vision Quest
08\14\2012: Calling Jesus a Liar by Denying Three Witnesses
08\13\2012: Paul s Warning To Avoid False Prophets
08\12\2012: Praising God for His Steadfast Love
08\12\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Jayman James
08\11\2012: The Eleventh Commandment
08\11\2012: Self-Made Religion of Asceticism
08\10\2012: Turning The Things of God Into An Idol
08\09\2012: The Worship of a Prophet
08\09\2012: The Marks of a Cult
08\09\2012: The Idolatry of Putting Our Faith In A Prophet
08\08\2012: Not One Word of God Will Fail
08\07\2012: Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees
08\07\2012: Let the Word of God Be True Though Every Man Is A Liar
08\06\2012: Vindication of the Lord
08\05\2012: Salvation for the Foreigners
08\04\2012: Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord
08\03\2012: Was It An Angel
08\02\2012: Harmony Unity Love
08\01\2012: Praising God for His Protection and Safety
07\31\2012: Jesus the Everlasting Covenant
07\29\2012: Fortify Ourselves in God
07\28\2012: Untangling- I Will Be With You Even In You
07\27\2012: The Atonement For The Sins of the People
07\27\2012: Stature of a Mason Man
07\26\2012: The Nativity ... As Prophesied by Balaam
07\26\2012: Comfort and Strength from the Arm of the Lord
07\25\2012: The Everlasting Promise to Israel
07\24\2012: The War Man Cannot See
07\23\2012: The Sacrifice of the Unworthy
07\23\2012: Hello Miss Dog Meat
07\22\2012: Judging By Our Faithfulness
07\20\2012: Pleasing God Through A Worship-FIlled Music Ministry
07\19\2012: Untangling the Truth- Elijah
07\18\2012: The Deceived Prophets
07\17\2012: God Hates False Speak the Truth
07\16\2012: Comfort in the Coming Messiah
07\15\2012: Removing All Idolatry and Cleansing the Temple
07\13\2012: Women- From the Animal Kingdom s Point of View
07\13\2012: The Value of Wisdom
07\13\2012: Revelation 11- Elijah or Christ Your Decision
07\11\2012: For the Greater Good
07\10\2012: Like Mount Zion We Shall Not Be Moved
07\09\2012: The Good and the Bad
07\08\2012: Send Out God s Light and Truth
07\06\2012: Punishment For Speaking Against God s Children
07\06\2012: 1977- The Prophetic Prediction
07\05\2012: Responsibility of a Pastor
07\04\2012: The Converted Mexican General
07\04\2012: His Steadfast Love
07\03\2012: Waiting for the God of Salvation
07\03\2012: James E. McDonald
07\02\2012: Watching for His Return
07\01\2012: The Destruction of the Prideful
06\30\2012: God Will Never Abandon Us
06\29\2012: Our Accuser s Case Is With God Not Man
06\28\2012: The God of Judgement
06\27\2012: The Eternal Covenant of Peace
06\26\2012: The Appearance of Jesus Christ
06\26\2012: Failure to Teach The Truth
06\25\2012: Worshipping God in Times of Trouble
06\24\2012: The Story of the Exodus
06\23\2012: The Enemy s Powerful Weapon of Peace
06\22\2012: Give Glory Unto The Lord
06\21\2012: God Loves All Mankind
06\20\2012: Forgiveness for the Wicked
06\20\2012: Branham Taught From False Bible
06\19\2012: Learning God s Way By Waiting Upon the Lord
06\18\2012: The Moffatt Connection
06\18\2012: The King James Version
06\18\2012: Lamsa and the Gnostic Connection
06\18\2012: Going Through Trials Without Complaining
06\18\2012: Elohim or Yahweh
06\18\2012: Branham The Translator
06\17\2012: Heavenly Father s Day
06\16\2012: Wait for the Lord With Courage
06\16\2012: Is It Impossible To Believe All The Message
06\16\2012: David Forsberg WHAS Interview
06\15\2012: The Punishment of Uzziah
06\14\2012: The Coming King
06\13\2012: Highway to Heaven
06\12\2012: Kindness for the Poor
06\11\2012: The Beauty Contest
06\10\2012: The Hard Life of a Christian
06\10\2012: Blessed are the Forgiven
06\09\2012: Esau s Army
06\08\2012: The Mighty Power of God
06\07\2012: Miracles for Sale
06\07\2012: Blessings for Obedience
06\06\2012: The Song of Moses
06\05\2012: Battling The Enemy With God On Your Side
06\04\2012: Bright as the Noonday Sun
06\02\2012: Shepherd to the Lost Sheep
06\01\2012: An Example of Christ
05\31\2012: Be Ready for Good Work
05\30\2012: Return to the Lord
05\29\2012: Turn From Dead Works
05\28\2012: Repaying Evil with Divine Love
05\27\2012: Sharing the Load With Others
05\25\2012: Stewards of God s Grace
05\24\2012: The Life of a True Christian
05\24\2012: Response to WHAS comments
05\23\2012: My Soul Thirsts for God
05\22\2012: What Is the Second Coming of Christ
05\22\2012: The Lor.... William Branham hath SPOKEN
05\22\2012: The Heritage of Being God s Servant
05\22\2012: Prophets Are Likened To Eagles
05\22\2012: Luke 17-30
05\22\2012: Fabricated Statistics- To What Purpose
05\21\2012: The Municipal Bridge Prophecy
05\21\2012: The God Who Sends Comfort To The Righteous
05\20\2012: Let All Men Know The Lord Is God And None Else
05\19\2012: The Overpriced Cardboard Suitcase of Idolatry
05\19\2012: Response To Misleading Letter
05\19\2012: Rejoice His Eye Is Upon Us
05\18\2012: The Prosper of the Wicked
05\17\2012: Serving God s Purpose
05\17\2012: Questions for a Counterfeit Message
05\16\2012: Praise God for Help and Strength
05\15\2012: The Truth Will Stand Against Scrutiny
05\15\2012: The Bully on the Platform
05\15\2012: Florence Nightingale
05\15\2012: Consecrating Ourselves to God
05\14\2012: The Violence of an Angry Jesus
05\13\2012: Comfort from the Lord
05\12\2012: Paul s Sermon Telling Us To Grow Up
05\12\2012: An Open Letter to the Branham Tabernacle - Update
05\11\2012: Paul s Warning
05\10\2012: The Rainbow of the Covenant
05\09\2012: Moses Warns of Idolatry
05\09\2012: 65-0718M TRYING.TO.DO.GOD.A.SERVICE
05\09\2012: 65-0711 ASHAMED
05\09\2012: 65-0429E THE.CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE
05\09\2012: 65-0426 PROVING.HIS.WORD
05\09\2012: 65-0424 ONE.IN.A.MILLION
05\09\2012: 65-0418M IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN
05\09\2012: 65-0418E DOES.GOD.EVER.CHANGE.HIS.MIND
05\08\2012: William Blake and William Branham
05\08\2012: The Name of Jesus
05\08\2012: Judging All the Sheep Because of the Bad Ones
05\08\2012: 65-0410 THE.EASTER.SEAL
05\08\2012: 65-0221M MARRIAGE.AND.DIVORCE
05\08\2012: 65-0221E WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC
05\08\2012: 65-0220 GOD S.CHOSEN.PLACE.OF.WORSHIP
05\07\2012: Slandering John Wesley
05\07\2012: Mercy Towards Our Enemies
05\06\2012: William Sowders and Branham
05\06\2012: Spiritual Gifts- MSG Churches are falling behind
05\06\2012: Seek the Lord
05\06\2012: El Shaddai or a Semetic Godess
05\05\2012: Why Did WMB Forget Esther
05\05\2012: Praising God with Happiness
05\05\2012: Eliminate Conflicting History- Congressman Upshaw
05\05\2012: 65-0206 DOORS.IN.DOOR
05\05\2012: 65-0123 BROKEN.CISTERNS
05\05\2012: 65-0119 THE.GOD.WHO.IS.RICH.IN.MERCY
05\05\2012: 65-0118 Seed of Discrepency
05\04\2012: Man Up Dress for Action like a Man
05\04\2012: 65-0117 A Paradox
05\04\2012: 63-0115 Accepting God s Provided Way At The End
05\03\2012: Justly Kindly Humbly
05\02\2012: Choose This Day- God or Idols
05\01\2012: Sexual Addiction and Religion
05\01\2012: PTSD and Religion
05\01\2012: Our Stories - Shunned By The Message
05\01\2012: OCD and the Church
05\01\2012: Not Allowing Questions Causing NPD
05\01\2012: Keeping One s Healing By Faith
05\01\2012: Give God the Blessing Forever and Ever
05\01\2012: Fibromyalgia and Legalism
05\01\2012: Depression- Offer Help Not Hurt
05\01\2012: Antisocial Personality Disorder and Physical Abuse
04\30\2012: Fibromyalgia and the Message
04\30\2012: Come Lord Jesus
04\29\2012: See God and Live
04\28\2012: Truth and Love Through the Father and the Son
04\27\2012: The Scroll Written To Israel
04\27\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony Of Jennifer Collins
04\26\2012: For Love or Death
04\25\2012: Walking in the Truth
04\24\2012: Forgetting the Temple of the Lord
04\23\2012: Where the Corpse is the Vultures Will Gather
04\23\2012: Turning Jesus Away
04\22\2012: Hiding Your Faith in a Hole
04\22\2012: A Snapshot In Time
04\21\2012: Lamps Running Out of Oil
04\20\2012: Warning of False Prophets
04\20\2012: Tithing Verses Giving
04\20\2012: Helping Each Other on the Journey
04\19\2012: The Seven Woes of Today
04\19\2012: Plagiarism of Clarence Larkin
04\18\2012: The Two Commandments That Are The Foundation
04\18\2012: Sitting on OVER A HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS
04\17\2012: Holding Onto the Root of All Evil
04\16\2012: Caught With Their Wedding Garments Down
04\15\2012: We Are Workers In The Vineyard
04\14\2012: Lower Than The Prostitutes
04\13\2012: The Authority of Jesus
04\12\2012: Robbing the Poor To Feed the Rich
04\11\2012: The Importance of Keeping One s Healing
04\11\2012: Jesus the Prophet
04\10\2012: The Less Fortunate
04\10\2012: A Dove of Deception
04\10\2012: 1977- The End of the World or the Year of Jubilee
04\09\2012: What Cult Leaders Have In Common
04\09\2012: To Serve Or To Be Served
04\09\2012: That Short Time You Might Be Punished In Hell
04\09\2012: Overpowering Jesus - Part 2
04\09\2012: Overpowering Jesus
04\09\2012: Forget Russia Watch Blasphemy
04\08\2012: Jesus Has Risen
04\07\2012: The Vineyard
04\06\2012: The First and the Last
04\05\2012: On Marriage and Divorce
04\04\2012: Forgiving Others Without Hesitation
04\03\2012: Vision 6- California will Sink Beneath the Ocean
04\03\2012: Vision 5- Woman or the Catholic Church Will Rule
04\03\2012: Vision 4- Egg-Shaped Cars Driving Themselves
04\03\2012: Vision 3- The Siegfried Line … or Maginot Line
04\03\2012: Vision 2- Mussolini
04\03\2012: Vision 1- Franklin D. Roosevelt
04\03\2012: Thus Saith the Lord
04\03\2012: That Very Day Israel Became a Nation
04\03\2012: Humility Like a Child
04\03\2012: Divine Revelation or Clarence Larkin
04\03\2012: Alfred Pohl Interview Feb. 21 1990
04\02\2012: Healing by Faith in Jesus Christ
04\01\2012: Would We Recognize Jesus
04\01\2012: Peer Pressure- I Believe Because Others Do
03\31\2012: Upon the Rock
03\31\2012: Shhhhhhhhhh Don t Tell Anyone
03\31\2012: I Predict that a great fish will swallow Jonah
03\31\2012: Churchianity vs. Christianity
03\30\2012: Signs from Heaven
03\29\2012: Vain Worship
03\29\2012: Teaching on Moses
03\29\2012: Altar Calls Through Fear
03\28\2012: Wisdom in Christ
03\27\2012: Mysteries Out Of Context
03\27\2012: A Legion of Witness
03\26\2012: Saving the Saved
03\25\2012: Persecuted for Christ
03\24\2012: Rejoice in the Word
03\23\2012: Eat Drink and Be Merry With God s Gift
03\23\2012: Brother Paul Cain
03\22\2012: Spread the Word
03\21\2012: Fruits of the Spirit
03\21\2012: A Boy Raised To Life In Finland
03\20\2012: With Not One Valid Prophecy Was There A Prophet
03\20\2012: Teachers of Wisdom
03\19\2012: Jesus Christ is our High Priest
03\18\2012: The Man Christ Jesus
03\18\2012: Our Stories - Freedom
03\17\2012: Let our Love Continue
03\16\2012: The Important Letter of Love
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Sister Maya Pugatova
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony Of Brother Valery Orlov
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Brother Ivan Turoff
03\15\2012: Wisdom Through Knowledge
03\15\2012: The Message Inside View 2010
03\15\2012: Brother Joseph Branham
03\14\2012: Marvelous Faith
03\14\2012: Brother Smith
03\14\2012: Brother Santiago
03\14\2012: Brother Jim Jones
03\14\2012: Branham Taught the Trinity
03\12\2012: Which Nurse
03\12\2012: Judas Iscariot In Heaven With Us
03\12\2012: Bro. Branham Won t Be in the Kingdom of the Lord
03\12\2012: Blameless Before Others
03\11\2012: Smoking Man s Filter
03\11\2012: Really You re Pulling My Leg
03\11\2012: Love That Attracts Sinners
03\10\2012: What is the Message
03\10\2012: Perfect Love
03\10\2012: Brother Thomas
03\10\2012: Brother Danquah
03\10\2012: Brother Byskal
03\09\2012: The Message of Love
03\09\2012: Message in Johannesburg
03\09\2012: Latter Rain and Healing
03\09\2012: Brother Rudin
03\09\2012: Brother Asher
03\08\2012: Judging the Drinkers
03\08\2012: Do not Judge Others
03\07\2012: WMB s Big Lie- Paralyzed from Faking Sickness
03\07\2012: Siegfried Line Vision
03\07\2012: Pillar of Fire Deemed Supernatural by the FBI
03\07\2012: Marilyn Monroe Vision of a Heart Attack
03\07\2012: Back to the Original Faith
03\06\2012: Faith Without Actions
03\06\2012: A Pardon Not Accepted
03\05\2012: Two Visitations from the Angel
03\05\2012: Those Blessed FBI Agents
03\04\2012: The Visions Discernment Healings Prophecies
03\04\2012: The Correct Way to Have Faith
03\03\2012: After the Storm
03\02\2012: No Other Gospel
03\02\2012: Jeffersonville History
03\01\2012: Speaking in Tongues Movement
03\01\2012: Continual Sanctification
02\29\2012: The Second Resurrection Before The Ressurection
02\29\2012: The Root of All Evil
02\28\2012: How an Angel Came to Me
02\28\2012: Gifts and Callings are Without Repentance
02\28\2012: Bringing the Hearts Back to the Fathers
02\27\2012: Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God
02\26\2012: Receive Chastening with Joy
02\25\2012: New Covenant
02\24\2012: Heirs of Salvation
02\23\2012: Preach a Sermon Through Your Actions
02\22\2012: Do Our Actions Deny God
02\21\2012: Said the Clay to the Potter
02\20\2012: Repentance Leads to Salvation
02\19\2012: Accept the Gift of Grace by Faith in Jesus Christ
02\18\2012: I Was Not Disobedient
02\17\2012: Baptism Required for the Holy Ghost
02\16\2012: Culture and Custom of the Jews
02\15\2012: Different Jesus
02\14\2012: Hymenaeus and Alexander
02\13\2012: Greatest Gift is Love
02\12\2012: The Large Body of Christ
02\11\2012: Puffed Up
02\10\2012: Not Ashamed
02\09\2012: Deceive The Very Elect If Possible
02\08\2012: The Message
02\07\2012: Excommunication
02\06\2012: Vindication of a True Prophet
02\06\2012: Signs of the Time