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Roy E. Davis William M. Branham

Research Data For The "Message" Mind Control Cult

And Roy Elonza Davis, Imperial Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan

The full history of the Seek The Truth webpage, blog, books, newspaper articles, FBI Documents and other government records, images, and more can be easily accessed through the links below. This includes the full collection of books examining the research data, as well as the series of blog posts as the research data was made available to the general public.

To better understand the research data, we have created a Timeline of events.

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Research Data Volume 2 Download Page
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Research Data Volume 4 Download Page
Research Data Volume 5 Download Page
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File List

Volume 1

1933 Baptism
1937 Flood
1937-1945 Healing Ministry
1948 Doomsday
1952 Doomsday
1954 Doomsday
1958 Battle Against Desegregation
ANOTHER William and Ella Branham In Portsmouth
African Safari
Avak Hagopian
Benito Mussolini
Berniece Hicks
Billy Collins
Branham Tabernacle
Bridge Prophecy
Campaign Advertisements
Charles Branham
Charles Branham Jr
Charles Brumbach
Clarence Larkin
Cloud Research
Death and Funeral
Deloris Branham Filer
Divorce and Remarriage
Donny Morton
Ed Byskal
Edward Branham
Egg Car
Expensive Gun Collection
F. F. Bosworth
Family Records
Female President
Floating Pulpit
Game Warden
George DeArk
George G. Lacy
Government Records
Graham Snelling
Henry Branham
Holding Hands
Hope Branham
Houston Photograph
Howard Cadle
Human Trafficking
India Prophecy Failure

Volume 2

Jack Moore
James Branham
James McDonald
Jeffersonville Indiana
Jim Jones
John Alexander Dowie
John Asher
Keith Loker
Kenneth Hagan
Ku Klux Klan
Laetitia Kruger
Leo Mercier
Leslie Douglas Ashley
Little David Walker
Maginot Line
Melvin Branham
National States Rights Party
Pearry Green
R. E. Wathen Distilleries
Rader Family
Richard Blair
Roy E. Davis
Sam Adair
Seattle World's Fair
Sharon Rose Death

Volume 3

Six Seconds Smith
Slammers Tavern
TL Osborn
Voice of Healing Advertising
Wallace McAnally
Wayne Evans
Wentworth Branham
Willard Collins
William Branham Campaigns
William D. Upshaw

Volume 4

Avak Hagopian
Azusa Street Revival
Branham Family Connection To Roy E. Davis
Charles Fox Parham
Elijah Fears
Frank Sanford
Jim Jones
John Alexander Dowie
Jonestown Massacre
Lake Paw Paw
Vandalia, IL

Volume 5

1946 Healing Revival
A. W. Rasmussen
Demos Shakarian
Ern Baxter
Estle Beeler
Frary von Blomberg
Gordon Lindsay
Graham Snelling
Jim Jones
Miner Arganbright
Orman Neville

Volume 6

David Du Plessis
Franklin Hall
John G. Lake
Joseph Branham
Joseph Mattsson-Boze
Sixteenth and Henshaw
Paul Cain