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Step 4: Deep Study

With the prophecies proving to be either failures or moving targets, we can no longer call William Branham a prophet of God. With the supernatural events and "commissions" proven to be contradictions, we can no longer call William Branham a man sent by God. With the scriptures altered to fit the context of the sermons rather than the Word of God, we can no longer call William Branham a Bible teacher. And with the visions of God's healing power failing, we cannot call William Branham a divine healer.

What we are left with is a motivational speaker, and one must ask themselves: Did William Branham motivate you to study the scriptures for yourselves, or did he motivate you to study what he himself told you about those same scriptures?

The only way to determine this is to examine what William Branham taught concerning scripture. If his teachings do not match the Word of God, then we can no longer call William Branham motivating.


Timeline of events connected to the ministry of William Branham.

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Willard Collins, Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Rev. Willard Collins was the pastor of William Branham's home church in Jeffersonville Indiana for almost fifty years. He was very close to the Branham family, knew their intimate secrets, business affairs and more. Collins is the first "Message" minister to publicly denounce and resign over alleged criminal activity by cult leaders.

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Government Records

How much of William Branham's life story be substantiated by the documented evidence that has been collected? Government documents appear to tell a much different story than Wiliam Branham told on recorded sermon. Was any his life story true? Was this created as a new religion, or a business for financial gain?

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Latter Rain - Manifested Sons of God

William Branham was the catalyst for the Latter Rain Pentecostal sect, and used the Latter Rain Manifested Sons of God theology to promote himself as the return of Jesus Christ. Through this theology, dangerous cults have been created, such as Jim Jones and Peoples Temple. Was William Branham really Jesus Christ?

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Reverend Jim Jones of Jonestown

When Jim Jones needed a headline act for the opening of Peoples Temple in Indianapolis, Indiana, who better would fill the bill than William Branham?

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Roy E. Davis: Imperal Wizard of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

How did William Branham meet Davis, and what made him decide to become an elder in his Pentecostal church during the short period of time Davis was avoiding criminal charges in Kentucky? To what extent was William Branham involved in Davis's strategy to rebuild the Ku Klux Klan? Did William Branham owe a "life debt" to the Klan when the White Knights offered financial assistance to the Branham family during Charles Branham's incarceration for illegally producing alcohol?

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William D. Upshaw And The Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

Was William Branham aware of Congressman Upshaw's strong ties to the Second and Third waves of the Ku Klux Klan? Why does William Branham claim that he did not know the nationally-recognized evangelist and political activist? Why did William Branham claim to have "healed" Upshaw from being constrained to a wheelchair and bed for 66 years when witnesses observed the Congressman running unassisted by crutches in 1939?

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William Branham's Battle Against Civil Rights

Few are aware that William Branham was present during key battles in the Civil Rights movement, such as the Little Rock Nine. Fewer are aware that he publicly sided with the white supremacists over those seeking freedom. Did Roy E. Davis' influence through William Branham's sermons escalate the violence throughout the nation?

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E. Howard Cadle and the Cadle Tabernacle Ku Klux Klan Meeings

Was William Branham truthful about what happened behind closed doors at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana? Why did Branham visit so frequently? Is there more to his connection with E. Howard Cadle than meets the eye?

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Ku Klux Klan "Fiery Cross" Newsletter Publications About Jeffersonville

One of the strongest influences in William Branham's early life appears to be the "heroic" forces of the Ku Klux Klan as they made an organized effort to clean up the lawless bootleg, casino and gambling town of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Is this why Branham joined official Klan spokesman and imperial leader Roy E. Davis' Pentecostal church? Was there more to Davis' church than meets the eye?

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Only Believe, Theme Song Written by Paul Rader

In the "Message," every single person is familiar with the song "Only Believe." It is a song that most cult churches sing during every single worship service. Branham used the tune as his "theme song," and often mentioned his meeting Paul Rader in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Why does William Branham never mention Mayor Rader or Ralph Rader's church in Jeffersonville? When the nationally-recognized pastor of the Rader Gospel Tabernacle -- and former mayor's son -- returned to Jeffersonville, would it not have been the talk of the town? Was William Branham part of the congregation that left with Roy Davis when Rader's church split?

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The Branham Tabernacle

William Branham often referred to his 1933 prophecies in conjunction with his church, the Branham Tabernacle that is situated on the corner of 8th Street and Penn Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. According to Branham, he buried a page from the flyleaf of his Bible in the cornerstone of the bulding. But was the church William Branham referred to in his recordings from 1947 to 1965 his own? Or was he appointed to lead the church by Klan spokesman Roy E. Davis?

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The Kennedy Assassination

A close examination of William Branham's transcripts reveal several statements that align with the Ku Klux Klan propaganda. From statements strongly against Martin Luther King to statements and allegorical stories against desegregation, William Branham seems to have sided with the Klan on controversial issues. He was especially aligned with the Klan during the campaign and presidency of President John F. Kennedy -- to the extent that William Branham actually altered this "1933 Prophecie" to its exact opposite. In that political landscape, Branham claimed that the women's vote would "elect the wrong man" and after Kennedy took office, Branham claimed that the "prophecy" was fullfilled.

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Keith Loker - Murderer? Or Victim of William Branham's Mind Control Cult?

The cult's best-kept secret is the story of what happened at the commune William Branham ordained in Prescott, Arizona, which was started by Branham's close associates Gene Goad and Leo Mercer. After Branham's death, the commune turned into a horrifying camp of physical and sexual abuse. Mercer is reported to have raped young boys, molested young girls, and physically abused children to enforce his doctrine. The result of this commune made the headlines when Keith Loker attempted suicide through rampage.

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Matthew Carapella: Profile of a "Message" Cult Recruit

The vast majority of the "Message" cult population is recruited from within through offspring to parents who are under the control of cult leaders. Very seldom are new people recruited into the following of William Branham that remain for any duration of time. One such person who was recruited later in life is Matthew Carapella. Compare his identity before and after cult recruitment, examining the shift in personality as it moves away from Matthew's authentic self to match that of William Branham.

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William Branham and the Leslie Douglas Ashley - Homosexual Transvestite Murderer

Leslie Douglas Ashley and Carolyn Lima were tried and convicted of murder in the Texas State court. During a three-party sexual orgy, Ashley and Lima killed a man in the real estate business. Ashley was the stepson of Mr. James Ayers that Branham mentions on tape. Ayers was one of the photographers who took a photograph of William Branham in the Houston Coliseum that has also made cult history. Born to Sylvia Kipperman Ayers, Leslie Ashley was actually Mr. Ayers stepson, not his son. The other photographer, Ted Kipperman, was related to the murderer's mother.

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William Branham and Colonia - Tragic Situation in South American Commune

In February 2016, audiences across the nation were captivated by a historical romantic thriller that brought life to the fading memories of a cult commune in South America. "Colonia" is based on a true story of a young German couple who migrated to Chile along with several others in 1973 to a cult commune named Colonia Dignidad and find themselves under the dangerous control of cult leader Paul Schäfer in his commune in South America. But few are aware that Colonia was a "Message" cult commune that followed the teachings of William Branham.

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Berniece Hicks - Christ Gospel Church International
Of all the sub-cults inspired by, affiliated with, or created by Rev. William Marrion Branham, the Christ Gospel Church International (CGC) followers of Rev. Berniece Hicks is most interesting by proximity. Its headquarters is also located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, less than three miles from the Branham Tabernacle.

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Physical Abuse

Some say that Branham's strongest statements against women started to surface during the latter part of his ministry. But if you examine the messages promoting physical abuse, you will begin to ask yourself if there were deep-rooted psychological issues long before his ministry started. All of the statements promoting injury and molestation have one thing in common: they are describing the beating of women.

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Following Branham's teachings, most churches in the religious following of William Branham do not permit couples of a different race to enter into marriage. Because the teaching was so strongly against the African-American race specifically and very rarely used in the context of other races, some churches make exceptions to allow marriage between other races. Most agree that William Branham considered this to be "hybreeding," or "mixing seed."

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William Branham promoted a fundamental teaching of Kabbalah regarding the Garden of Eden. According to Branham, Satan was the designer of women — not God — and they were not part of the original creation. In Branham's view, women were placed here on earth with one purpose: to deceive.

Though the Bible records God offering Cain acceptance if he obeyed his command, and the Bible tells us that mankind came from the blood of one man, Branham claimed that Cain was direct offspring from sexual intercourse between Eve and the Serpent. According to Branham, this teaching was hidden in "secret mystery" until the last days.

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Teaching from the Gnostic Book of Enoch, William Branham claimed that Enoch built the pyramids, and that the Great Pyramid of Giza was the "second bible." According to William Branham, the Zodiac was the first bible, and the pyramid was established before Enoch reached age five hundred. At five hundred years old, and after giving his "message" to Noah, Enoch was "raptured" without seeing death.

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In the Christian Bible, Job is described as a righteous man. God allowed Satan to test Job, and Job's faithfulness to God is an example for each one of us as we endure trials and hardships that we face with life.

In Islam, however, Job was considered to be one of the prophets. While the Christian Bible makes no mention of Job having prophecy, the Quran describes the "message" of Job which includes a prophetic series of Word from the Lord.

Interestingly, William Branham taught the Islamic version of Job. While including Job in his list of "prophets for their age," Branham abandoned the Christian teaching to establish portions of the Quran in his following.

For what purpose did William Branham make this alteration to the story of Job?

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Jane Leade, "mystic woman" who prophesied of the coming "Latter Rain" movement, claimed that God spoke through her to announce the coming "Moses" that would lead God's Children out of this world and into the coming Kingdom. Her prophecies were found in the posessions of Charles Price, close friend and associate of William Branham.

While Branham would promote himself as the coming "Elijah" in the latter part of his ministry, he promoted himself as the coming "Moses" during the former. According to Branham, an angel from God told him that "As Moses was given two signs, so also shall you [William Branham] be given two signs."

Was an angel of God really unaware that God had given Moses three signs to convince Pharoah?

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Though Balaam was a sorcerer executed for his abmoniation under judgment by Israel, William Branham claimed that Balaam had the "same annointing as Moses." In Branham's version of the story, Balaam was much like the prophet Jonah who was running from the presence of the Lord. Why did Branham offer such praise to this sorcerer who called upon the powers of demons to prophesy destruction to the Children of Israel?

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William Branham claimed that Elijah was sent by God to condemn Jezebel for her "painted face" and her "short hair." Throughout several sermons from 1950 through 1963, Branham compared women of the twentieth century to the punishment of Jezebel by nicknaming any woman wearing cosmetics "Dog meat." Once he had established himself as the "Elijah" for this day, many of his modern doctrines were applied to Elijah the tishbite who spoke the Word of the Lord to the daughter of the idolatrous king of Tyre. Why was the outward appearance more important than Jezebel's establishment of the worship of Baal, which included human sacrifice, temple prostitution, and ancient spirits of evil?

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The Prophets

The very description of a prophet in William Branham's teaching differs greatly from scripture. According to Branham, God only sent one prophet at a time — claiming that more than one prophet at a time would create confusion by having more than one leader.

There's just one problem: Prophets were not sent to be leaders.

Prophets in the Bible are vastly different from Branham's doctrine. Prophets of Old were sent with one purpose: To warn Israel that they had fallen into idolatry and abandoning the Old Covenant, to warn them of impending judgment if they did not return to God, and foretell of the coming Messiah that would rescue them from their fallen state.

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An Uncertain Sound?

One of the most obvious signs of a false prophet is an inconsistent message. When God sends a message to His people, the message is an unchanging message — because God is an unchanging God.

Did William Branham's message match his own message? It would seem as though many conflicting statements could be trivial, but if you examine the entire message, what seems trivial becomes bound to fundamental doctrines. A messenger from God telling God's children that the acceptance of the Trinity is the "Mark of the Beast" does not lift prayers to the Father proclaiming the acceptance of the Trinity.

Yet William Branham did.

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There are many other questions surfacing in the statements made by William Branham on recorded tape. Many of them are revered as 'scriptural truth,' yet they seem to have originated in the Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls, cult leaders such as Charles Taze Russel, Joseph Smith, and John Alexander Dowie. What was the motivation behind these extra-bibilical and fictional statements?

Anyone who makes a habit of listening to these sermons should examine these questions, and ask themselves if anything the man said can be trusted. If he was not truthful in the majority of these examples, then can we really trust his handling of the Word of God?

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