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Our Stories: Personal Experiences of Cult and Post-Cult Life
The following is a collection of testimonies and stories of personal experiences submitted by former cult members willing to describe their cult and post-cult lives. All are welcome to submit stories, regardless of life choices after having left. The statements made are the views of those submitting, and are not expressed as the views of this website. All former members of destructive cults are are welcome to submit, regardless of the views and opinions of those submitting. We ask that all be respectful to those willing to submit, as their journey to freedom may have been difficult. Submissions may have been filtered to remove any subject matter that would place the submitter or other victims at risk.

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Our Stories - My Deliverance From a Religious Prison

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Our Stories - My Deliverance From a Religious Prison:

We often share stories and testimonies from those who escaped the "Message" cult following of William Branham. The majority of those who escape are "ordinary people", those like myself who attended church two times on Sunday, once on Wednesday, and every "special service" in-between. It isn't often that we get an opportunity to hear from those who helped lead a "Message" church, so it is a special treat when a pastor brave enough to speak about his experiences shares their testimony from the perspective of a minister who was in the "Message".

There is no doubt that those of us who have escaped have had a difficult time as we tried to adjust to "normal" (not cult) life. I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be for a minister who has escaped, especially those who are leading their church out of the "Message". Every doctrine must be evaluated and re-evaluated. As the web is untangled, the error of many "truths" are exposed and must be adjusted even more.

It truly is an escape from a "religious prison". Pastor Joe Hefflin, a former "Message" pastor, explains it well.


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