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Finding Comfort In Grace

Learning you were in a religious cult is not easy. The journey out can be an emotional roller coaster. But you don't have to face it alone.You can find comfort in knowing that others, just like you, have made the decision to follow Christ.

The purpose of Seek The Truth is to remove the fear from your journey. There should be no fear in examining prophecy. The Bible instructs us to test the prophets, and the information is now available.

The God we serve is real. The open arms of the Savior are reaching out to give you comfort, and those same arms hung on the cross as He suffered and died in your place. The Father loves His children enough that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you. Christ loves you enough to offer his own life so that you can find yours.

William Branham: A Man Sent From God?

Five Step Crash Course Want to learn the teachings of the religious following of William Branham? We've made it easy for you by categorizing the list of issues, starting with the easy questions first. Videos A large portion of our research material is also available in video form. Publications All of our research is available for free in our list of publications. Bookshelf Prefer reading the research material on your mobile device? Many of our publications have been combined into book form and are available in the Kindle store.