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Seek The Truth is dedicated to God's Children around the world who have been set free or are seeking freedom in Christ. There is comfort in knowing that you are not alone, and that there are others, just like you, who have been bruised and broken in their journey.

The God we serve is real. The open arms of the Savior are reaching out to give you comfort, and those same arms hung on the cross as He suffered and died in your place. The Father loves His children enough that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you. Christ loves you enough to offer his own life so that you can find yours.

The walls of the denomination of faith that held us bound for so long are crumbling. Though it was largely unexposed for so long, the religious following of William Marrion Branham has been taken out from under the shadows and placed under the light of God's Word. And the darkness cannot abide in the light. What was once hidden has now been made known, and the exodus has begun.

The page is turning, and we are entering into a new chapter of our lives. We are the children of the King, and are seeking to learn more about Him. Join us as we compare the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the teachings of the following of William Branham and its New Age Pentecostal roots. Pray with us for those that are still under spiritual bondage, give support to those that have been set free and are now standing firmly upon the Word of God, and lift up praise to the One who offered Himself as the sacrifice to offer salvation to any who will believe on His Name.
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Examining The Ministry Of William Marrion Branham

John Collins
Seek The Truth Blog

William Branham is one of several "Malachi 4 Prophets," men promoting themselves to be the fulfillment of Malachi's prophecy of the return of Elijah before the coming of the Lord, which Branham claimed to be the second coming -- not the first. If you study Branham's teaching on the prophet Elijah chronologically, you will quickly find three distinct phases of teaching. 

During the first part of his ministry, Branham would often tell the story of Old Testament Elijah, comparing elements of the story to modern events. Planting a foundation to build upon, Branham would start to describe how the coming "Elijah" would be exactly like the character he created in his stories of Elijah, comparing those descriptions to himself and his own ministry. Once he had established himself as the new Elijah, the last part was easy; anything said about the Old Testament Elijah would be applied to himself by the listener. 

There is just one problem: The Elijah in those stories was not the Elijah of the Bible.

Branham described an Elijah that "hated women," having often described how he himself was accused of "hating women." According to Branham, God sent Elijah of the Old Testmaent to condemn Jezebel for her "bobbed hair" and makeup, just as he often did through his own sermons. In many instances, Branham compared Ahab and Jezebel to President and Mrs. Kennedy, telling his followers how Elijah needed to storm the White House to condemn President Kennedy for allowing the First Lady to wear cosmetics. Unfortunately, President Kennedy was assasinated before that dream was enacted, leaving what Branham called God's "final attack on the White House" unfulfilled.

Many of the followers of William Branham are unaware of the events surrounding the actual Elijah from the Old Testament. Having been trained to think that cosmetics were Jezebel's sin that brought condemnation and judgement, the true abomination of Jezebel is overlooked.

Ahab's marriage to Jezebel was a direct violation of the Mosaic Law, one that resulted in the curse of the Law. Jezebel was not one of the Children of Israel, and God warned Israel not to take wives from the Gentile nations. But Ahab did not keep the commandment.

The city of Tyre was a very important hub for commerce in the ancient world, and Ahab's union to the daughter of the King of Tyre would have seemed like a blessing in itself. Through Tyre, the riches of the world was within Ahab's reach. Tyre purple, for instance, was a royal commodity used in the clothing, cosmetics, and more. But while Tyre spread the wealth of the nations through its busy trade routes, it also spread something far more sinister: ancient pagan gods and goddesses. 

It is believed that many of the Greek and Roman gods descended directly from the gods of tyre. The Pillars of Melquart, for instance, were re-established as the Pillars of Herecules in Greek mythology.

These ancient cults were believed by their members to provide power, wealth, fertility, and prosperity, but they also brought death and destruction. Human sacrifice, temple prostitution, and many other forms of evil were included in their ritual ceremonies.

These sacrifices and abomination infected the Children of Israel through Jezebel, causing the Children of Israel to break several other commandments of the Mosaic Law. God did not want his Children to be sacrificed to idols, and did not want His children to serve any other God. So he sent Elijah.

Elijah fit the mold of most of the Old Testment prophets and their message from God. The prophets consistently gave the same prophecy: Israel, you have fallen back into idolatry. Unless you repent and turn back to the One True God, I [God] will punish you. Jezebel, not being a Jew, failed to listen.

In the very last moments of her life, as her executioners were coming for her, Jezebel applied her paint of royalty. She wanted to die in dignity.

It is in these last few moments of Jezebel's life that Branham's teaching starts. According to Branham, this description of Jezebel's last moments were applied to all women of all races. Branham taught that since Jezebel used paint on her face, women in his following should not. 

This expanded quicky. Branham would often call women who did not follow these rules "dogmeat," referring to Jezebel's death and dismemberment. Eventually, what started as a simple fictional story became a reality through his own congregation. The only problem is that the number of "Jezebels" dramatically increased, and his followers were trained to scorn through insult. 

Eventually, after having convinced his following that he was indeed the return of Elijah, Branham would claim that God himself was being revealed as "Elijah" in the last days. This final advancement effectively promoted himself as the return of Jesus Christ in the form of a man. - See more at:

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