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Our Stories - The testimony of brother Valery Orlov

03/16/2012 The testimony of brother Valery Orlov from the town Rezekne , Latvia.

My wife and I became believers in 1992 when the pentecostals came over from the United States doing evangelitic work. Shortly after this encounter a church was established, in which we began to attend regularly. At that time we did not know the Scripture and did not understand it. We attended this assembly for a year, and not long afterwards it began to divide into different groups. Some became Charismatics, others Baptist or some other sect.. Some believed in "foot washing", others believed not, and refused, "foot washing". Some wore shawls and others worshipped without this. Our city was overfilled with many man made doctrines and courses. We left this assembly because we saw the disappointments of the people, and we saw that the Word was disagreed with over man's ideas. In 1993 we began attending a Charismatic church. There was overwhelming teaching on spiritual gifts and the promises God had declared in His Word, and it was pleasant to us. Throughout all of this we were being deceived because of false teaching such as: "a good Christian is a rich Christian". Parishioners began to become more jealous and concerned in secular things. Despite all of this there were a few people searching for God, and we were among them.

In May 1994 believers from Visaginas (Lithuania) arrived and began testifing about a prophet of God coming to our age. Their words were very convincing and made a very strong inpact to us. At that point we began to read sermons of Bro. Branham, which were only a very few booklets. The Word, spoken through Bro. Branham, revealed to us many mysteries and has deduced us from organization. I, along with three other people from Rezekne have being baptized in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, here at Lithuania Visaginas during the summer of 1994. We began to meet in groups of seven individuals. We could not imagine that there would be dividings that followed after this teaching as well. But, in June of 1995 the group was divided. Four people began to follow the "seven thunders teaching"

Not long afterwards, God brought in two other people and we became a group of five believers. This division was very painful and it was absolutely incomprehensible for us during those days, but by the grace of God we went on, being determined to do something for Him. We began to distribute books of Bro. Branham at bus stations and at the market. We would also visit other cities using special folding tables to distribute his sermon books in front of markets. We would go about inviting people to come and see the film of Bro. Branham preaching "Deep Calleth Unto The Deep".

Our city is placed at a crossroads that intail two important directions: In one direction is S.Peterburg and Berlin, the other direction is Riga and Moscow. A variety of different ministers use this route regularly, but nevertherless, we remained unnoticed by them. Due to this factor strong pressure and influence was avoided by our assembly. In time we began to realize that in the message which we read and which we believe; there are many divisions, as well as in any religious organization. Many books of W.M.Branham were needed and we co-operated with the official representative of VoGR in Baltic. (Jeffersonville).

After reading the newsletter Jeffersonville prints entitled "Catch the Vision", we began to understand it was God's will that VoGR have all rights on printing and distribution of this spiritual food, and they solely were to go forth and feed the bride of Jesus Christ without any outsiders interferring. All of our groups believed thus, but we had no scripture like-mindness nor guidness. We would spend much time in discussion and reasoning about the Holy Spirit, but we had never experienced Him. We would distribute books only hoping we were pleasing God. Realizing we had no place in which to invite a man of God, we never seen the fulfilling of scripture in any message church group; we only saw external righteousness and alot of laws and decrees.

I began to distribute sermon booklets with more zeal. There were tones of booklets distributed in Latvia and Lithuania. Deep disagreements and the absence of life continued to be present within the assembly. Through these reasons I discontinued any attendance of meetings for my family. In 2008 because of signs of denominationalism I left this assembly altogether. The grace of God was also with Brother Igor Chystyakov, for soon afterwards he and his family left the assembly as well. It seemed that God was giving new revelation to our lives and it was causing a deep change within us. I, my family and Bro. Igor were in like mindness, and we realized after being restored to liberty it was hard to imagine any human influences, laws, church decrees and other frameworks that fetter any action. We could not contain the revelations God was so freely giving to us, so we began to share these wonderful things everywhere we went. It was also hard to imagine that the revelation concerning the Man "Jesus Christ" divided us from people we for a long time had walked and worked with. It seemed that the Lord was gradually moving us into the condition spoken of in Romans 8: 9, "...if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His." brunt us.

We had a real thirst for the genuine Holy Spirit. The LORD is so wonderful!
We met our Brother Paul Savchenkoff from Velikie Luke. We soon discovered that we are of one mind and accord with him throughout the Scripture. Therefore, we have received an invitation to visit the church in Velikie Luki. My wife Olga and I have gone there before, along with my son inlaw Dima (before this trip he had also left the assembly spoken of earlier) and Brother Igor Chistyakov was with us. What we observed was real, alive and genuine Christianity. The Bible was revived to us, and on November 14th they were praying that we would receive the Holy Spirit. We had never experienced such a outstanding wonderful experience before, and we realized the reality of Hebrew 13: 8 "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever." AMEN!

He still baptizes by His own Spirit today just the same as He did on the day of Pentecost, and after the Holy Spirit descneted, I was simply drunk by the Power of the God. This termendous baptism was confirmed by the gift of other tongues, and this presences continued throughout most of the day. My wife Olga had a recertification from the LORD concerning her baptizism by the Holy Spirit. She had received Him as early as 1993, but because of deception and false teaching she was doubting it. Words can never describe such a confirmation she experienced. It is simply needed to have it. A day before the LORD gave it to Bro. Igor, He gave him a dream about his future baptizism, and it happened just like it was foretold. Bro. Igor was baptized with a wonderful confirmation. Dima, my son-inlaw, received the Holy Spirit and began to sing in a language he never knew. Our LORD is wonderful!!

It seemed that four days flew by as if it were one, but it wasn't absolutely over yet. After returning home we testified about these experiences to our children. Our oldest daughter Alina, and our younger daughter Dana so strongly began to yearn for the Holy Spirit and fail to rest or to dream. Brother Dima, Brother Igor and myself went to Riga on November 17th for five days. The night of November 17th Olga, my wife had a dream; the she delievered her daughter in childbirth. Throughout the next day my daughters Alina and Dana declared that it is not possible to live without the Holy Spirit? By night fall their faith had reached it's limit. My daughter Dana along with her mother Olga went into pray. After a short time the Holy Spirit descended with tears, shouting and crying. Dana being filled with the Spirit stood with tears flowing from her eyes, and at the same moment Alina our oldest daughter began praying with tears filling her eyes. After Alina hearing her sister exclaiming in other tongues she came into the room, clinging to Olga (her mother's) neck and was also baptized with the Holy Spirit. Despite all the comotion and noise that filled the house all the others slept tight and noone awakened, even down to our small grandson Michael.

That night Olga had a dream where a doctor was filling out a medical report confirming a birth with a rare language. He wrote signs and at began to explain it. The next day these happy sisters shared their experiences with each other, along with Brother Eliah and Sister Lily. Within that same evening Eliah heard the VOICE which had specified a place for a prayer near the sofa. But Eliah did not accept it seriously. He decided to go to the table in order to clean it. Passing by the sofa he was forced down on his knees by the power from above and began to pray for a pardon. He prayed and cried saying all that was in heart. Next he saw a light - as it were angels. At first they sang, after this a voice began to sound and said, "he is forgiven; a stone has fallen from his heart". He continued to cry and pray in another .language. Then from his lips came forth, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen. Come out of him, My bride".

When Lily (she is my youngest daughter, in December she will be 10 years old, she has asked about water baptism already for a long time) listened to the story of brother - she quietly wept. When Eliah has finished his testimony, the Spirit's plentiful outpouring was being felt. Her weeping became as sobbing, two hours she crept in our lap, rose up and fell throughout the house, asking from Lord to forgive such a bad girl (though as the father I can tell only that she is a golden child as well as all my children). At this time all others in the home were praying and God as well gifted her with the Holy Spirit, great pleasure and the sign of other tongues.

All that has happened was a strong acknowledgement of our testimony in Riga when we spoke about God's manifestation taking place nowdays.
Of course, it became a big obstacle and condemnation for some, but at the same time it has given a thirst for a Living God to others.
May the Lord truly bless you!

Brother Valery Orlov, Rezekne, Latvia