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Our Stories - Shunned by the Message

05/01/2012 I was raised in the message and sheltered from life outside that group. I received a scholarship and wanted to go to the university. My parents thought a woman's place was in the home and forbade it. A guidance counselor found me a home to live in and since I was 18, I accepted the scholarship. It caused a complete breakdown of my relationship with my parents and I was not prepared for university life. It was like living in a foreign country, I didn't fit in either place.

At first, I had no intention of leaving the message as my burning desire was to receive an education. Much to my surprise everyone in the message shunned. I went to the tabernacle and the deacons ushered me out and would not let me stay for the service. Because the message had been my entire life, I was totally lost. I attended services for every denomination, hindu, islam, Judaism, etc. Nothing seemed to fit. One day I walked into a small country Methodist church. There I experienced a group of loving people who looked out for each other and were not judgmental. God touched my heart and I found true Christian love. That was over 40 years ago and I still belong to that little church. I found peace in my heart and forgiveness for those who had shunned me.

- Anonymous