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Our Stories - The Testimony of Jayman James

08/10/2012 Dear believers,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to serve Him in the Power of His resurrection. How good it is for brethren to dwell together in love.

From the onset I want to say, A lot of what is happening in the message today, is as a result of the love for filthy lucre.
If you remember, there was a time when we were all "stupid" and did not know much. It was also at this time that "greedy wolves" posing as "apostles" saw the gap and devised a system to "market" this "message" and make money out of it.

In the early part of Bro. Branham's ministry it was the Penticostals who saw this as a big money spinner, but in the latter part of his ministry, some of those "wolves" came right into the message and influenced a man that I believe had a genuine gift . I am not sure what to call it now but anybody that can get a whole lot of people to rally around him in definitely gifted. These men, I will not call them by name, are the main perpetrators of the mess that we are in today.

In this same "message" we have people who believe in polygamy, others believe that the 7 thunders of revelation is revealed, the same amount have an opposite view, some believe that the 7th seal was opened and the same amount have an opposite view. I met someone who tells me that the church ages ended in 1965.

Don't touch 1977, ouch, that is a sore point. All the excuses. Yet, those same guys that is trying to run away from it, is the very same guys that started it. They basically got Bro. Branham to "rubber stamp" it for them. What you do in secret will be made known on the rooftops.
And what about the cloud picture? What about all the "privileged private meetings" with the "prophet"? Why are they running now. They took advantage of a man's limited literacy.

No excuses though because the true Spirit of Christ will not lead you in error.
What about all the dreams and visions of individuals that lead to the "capstone revelation" and ultimately to Sunset Mountain and the "cloud"? I still kick myself for nor seeing this earlier.

Think about it, the dead that were raised were "a little fishy" a boy in Finland that was probably just unconscious, a mother possum and some remote happenings that were never checked for authenticity.
Oh, and Billy Paul now suddenly remembers that his father allowed him to see the "angel".
And we, the suckers drink all that stuff in and rejoice.

What everybody overlooks, is the fact that these pastors have become very wealthy and prosperous.
Nobody noticed that they are willing to pay huge sums of money to anybody that follow their "interpretation" of the message. To them, your family and friends and anything else must take a back seat. They have "bought" you and they want their money's worth.
You are warned that if you do not believe "this" you are "out"

Dates that have been thrown around, 1977, 1981 during "Operation Desert Storm", 1984 in the month of Abib (April), 1988 Israel's 40 years as a nation and the list goes on and on.

In Connecticut in the U.S you have a group that believes the rapture is gonna start there. I know this because I challenged the pastor of that church and when he gave me " quote" to argue his point, it was quite shameful what he showed me.
In Johannesburg, South Africa, you have a group that worship their pastor who is now a self made "apostle" taking his q from bro. Branhams quotes. It is pathetic.

South Africa have one of the largest gatherings of message believers but it saddens me to say, in that bunch you will find the meanest people on mother earth. The only time that is consensus is when there is a funeral. What a shame.
I can go on and on, but I have to stop now. I said all that to say this, God Almighty will lead His children. The Bible says, If you love me keep My commandments and I know one of those commandments is, you will not bow down before idols.
Have a good day and may God bless you.