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Our Stories - A Different Person

11/27/2012 Hello Everyone! I was raised in the message since the age of 3. My mother came in first and my dad came in 8 months after. My father did not agree with it at first. My mother threatened to leave him and take my brother and I away if he didnt come around.

Even though I was 3 at the time, I remember losing our television and having to wear dresses and skirts. My brother was treated so much better than me. He played sports and spent more time with my father.

I was home with my mother who pounded the mesage on me and she used to spank me leaving welts on my body. My parents never let me do sports because I had to wear a uniform and I wasnt allowed to wear pants. My mom forced me to play piano because I could do that and wear dress. I used to be so embarrassed that I had to dress different than anyone else. It caused me to have low self esteem and I felt like an outcast.

I started suffering with depression as a teenager. I was homeschool in the 8th grade where my mother pounded the message in my head. By the 9th grade, I went to High School. I used to change my clothes into shorts and jeans everyday before school.

After a while, a boy that I went to school with that was in the message told his parents I was wearing makeup and wearing pants to school. My mother decided to spy on me to see if it was true. Of course, she found out that I was changing.

At the age of 15, I ran away and stayed with friends for a couple of days. I told my parents that I didnt want to live the way of the message. They did not care and decided to home school me again. At the age of 17, I got pregnant with my first child. My parents forced me to get married.

The marriage only lasted 2 months. By the age of 18, I gave birth to my first child. Of course, my parents still made me go to church even though I had a big belly. People at the church would stare at me and talk bad about me. I was a disgrace and no church boys had anything to do with me.

I left home at the age of 18. I got a job to support my daughter and I and got away from the message. By then, I didnt want anything to do with any church. I thought they were all the same. And why pray and read my bible, I was taught that I couldnt pray if I cut my hair. God wouldnt hear me anyway.

So, I went out into the world doing what I felt like doing. I worked in the bar scene for a while. At the age of 23, I had my second child with my second failed marriage. I decided to go back to college and get my degree. My mother used to tell me did not not need a degree if I was a woman. My husband would take care of me. Of course, I was alone in the world with my two children and I soon found out that you cant depend on anyone but yourself. I decided to move to a college town to finsh my degree.

There, I met a good christian man who was Baptist. He finally talked me into going to church with him. I went to church thinking, "not again"! When I went there with him for a few months, I decided that it was nothing like the message church. There were no rules and nobody to tell me that I couldn't cut my hair or wear pants.

I started reading my bible and praying and sure enough our Lord answered my prayers. I asked myself, "God can hear me pray even though my hair was cut short'? The message says that God cannot hear your prayers if your hair is cut. What else is false in the message?

I decided to give my life to Christ, finally after all these years. Our Lord speaks to me everytime I read the bible, go to church, and pray. Praise God.. I am still attending the same church and I got married to the man who introduced me to the Lord in 2009. We are still together and a happy living a life with Christ.

I am a different person now. As far as the message is concerned, my parents are still in it and not about ready to leave. My brother is not in the message either. He moved away from it as far as possible.

Thanks for reading, A Former "Message" Believer