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How 'Bout Them Second Brown Bears

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How 'Bout Them Second Brown Bears:

I remember being at the cult headquarters during the Easter pilgrimage, and hearing a faithful follower asking Billy Paul Branham to see the trophy of the "Second Brown Bear" among the expensive collection of dead animals Branham had slain at the expense of his congregations' donations. Long before I knew there was a single question about Branham's ministry, I remember the look on the poor fellow's face when he learned that there wasn't one, and that Branham hadn't yet bagged the beast.

I don't recall the exact words, but it was something to the effect of, "No, brother, he hasn't got him yet. But I believe he will!" And I remember the fellow's eyes light up, willing to accept almost any answer short of "this prophecy failed, and was unfulfilled during William Branham's lifetime." He was brainwashed to the level that he actually left the office with a smile and a newfound faith that God would resurrect the dead prophet just to send him on one more hunting trip.

From time to time, we get a question about this failed prophecy. Why DIDN'T William Branham say that he killed the second bear? He lied about the other prophecies, why not lie about this one? Was it a perpetual prophecy, one that would fund several more hunting trips?

We can't really say, other than saying that we are certain that William Branham did not expect to die before several of his prophecies were fulfilled. We can only guess.

So here is our best guess: