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Our Stories - Our "Thus Saith The Lord" Prophecy

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Our Stories - Our "Thus Saith The Lord" Prophecy:

It was summer 1961, and my mother struggled to keep up with her household chores and gardening. She had contracted polio as a very young child, wore braces through high school and still had one foot and leg deformed and shorter than the other. Prayer for healing was her constant companion, and when she heard about a "faith healer" based in Southern Indiana she tearfully intreated my Dad to take her to be prayed for. We got a pickup camper and traveled the country, eagerly awaiting the time when she could get to "Brother Branham", be prayed for and receive her healing. She just knew that when she was healed all her large family would believe and follow this wonderful self proclaimed prophet she had found.

Finally, about a year later the moment we longed for arrived. She and I stood before "the prophet". She grabbed his arm, as he began to pray a generic prayer. "Brother Branham, I have suffered all my life with polio and have a deformed foot." The healer looked heavenward briefly, then proclaimed, "Thus Saith the Lord, she shall have it" (her request).

Fast forward 32 years. My mother constantly proclaimed her healing, after all, it was Thus Saith the Lord, it could not fail ! And when all her family saw this wondrous miracle they would all be "saved",as she now had been taught that the only way to true salvation was by believing every word this now long dead prophet had spoken. I was caring for her in my home, as she was dying of ovarian cancer. Two days before her passing I was lotioning her legs,and she pitifully asked me, "Is my foot healed yet?" Tears in my eyes, I sadly had to shake my head "no". Later that same evening we were having a very deep conversation, as many people do with their loved ones prior to their passing, I asked her what one thing she would like to change from her past. After a long silence, her one word tore my heart out and made me seriously look at our long held beliefs; "EVERYTHING".

- Sylvia Perkins
Former Message Believer