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Our Stories - Our Light Exposure Religion

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Our Stories - Our Light Exposure Religion:

Many of us who were raised in the "Message" had several "supernatural" photographs floating around. My family had a special collection of them that they kept on the coffee table and proudly shared them with visitors. Even people who were not familiar with William Branham or his message had the pleasure of looking over these photographs as we zealously informed them that our group had the only modern snapshots of Almighty God. 

Our family placed a lot of value on these. We had pictures of William Branham and his son Joseph hunting, and a "pillar of fire" engulfing the pyramid-shaped rock little Joseph sat upon waving his hand. We had numerous photographs of William Branham with a red, white, or yellow light here and there, and proudly boasted that God had humbled himself to have the pleasure of being photographed with the "prophet for our day". We even had a photograph of a single from the Charlton Heston movie "Ten Commandments", where a blur of the image looked just like "Moses" staring back at us. These relics were just as much of an inspiration for us as the tapes of William Branham himself.

I never will forget the first person I showed these photographs in my professional career as a manager. He looked confused at the reddish streak across the bottom of the photograph and simply said, "Wow. And here I thought the film had been exposed to light."

Honestly, this was the first time I'd ever thought about it. I'd seen photographs destroyed by light exposure before, many times, and never thought they were "supernatural". I've seen the same red, white, or yellow streaks in the pictures of children at a soccer game, family reunions, and more. I never once thought "God" was in the soccer ball! 

Years later, I came across a study of those "supernatural" photographs on one of the cult awareness websites. I was shocked to find that entire rolls of film were exposed to light, and see for the first time William Branham standing before a table of pork and beans that was anointed by the "Holy Pillar of Fire". I was even more shocked to see that some of our relics had been severely cropped, only displaying a small percentage of the light exposure. It was the testimony by Pearry Green that pushed me over the edge. When he described the broken camera that Fred Sothmann had and that the camera was randomly used to create "Holy Ghost pictures", I realized that we'd been conned.

I'm no longer a "Message" believer, and I'm not bitter about it. In fact, I sometimes have to laugh at some of the things we believed. I can only imagine what other people must have thought of us and our relics, especially the obvious ones like my family used for "witness material". I myself laugh about it and say that I deserve looking like a fool. I wasn't smart enough to think about it at the time. If I'd just asked a few questions, I probably would have had the same look on my face that my coworker had. "You mean these photographs with the light exposure? Light exposure is your God?"

- A Former Message Believer