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Correction - Rader Gospel Family

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Correction - Rader Gospel Family:

An independent researcher interested in the history of William Branham recently began assisting in the effort of compiling historical information. This far, it has been a tremendous help in affirming our research. At the same time, another set of eyes on the information helps to identify areas of research we missed and allows us to refine and correct our information -- something we greatly appreciate.

The first correction took some time to unravel.

We found several articles describing Rev. Ralph Rader, the evangelist, who was a brother to Rev. Paul Rader. We also found articles where Jeffersonville Rev. Ralph Rader, an evangelist, collaborated with Rev. Paul Rader. The logical assumption would be that they were brothers. For those unfamiliar with the connection to William Branham, Paul Rader composed the song "Only Believe" as a way to combine a jazz beat to a Gospel song and appeal to younger crowds and developing nations, While Ralph Rader played a significant part in the creation of the prophet's early Pentecostal church.

Rev. Ralph Rader of Jeffersonville was the son of Jeffersonville Mayor Thomas Bogle Rader, and pastor of the Rader Gospel Tabernacle in Jeffersonville. When Rev. Roy Davis fled Louisville, KY on charges of fraud and violation of the Mann Act, he embedded himself into the Ralph Rader's church. Intent on creating his own church following, while creating a new sect of the Ku Klux Klan, Rev. Davis and his brothers caused a church split -- taking several members of Rader's congregation to start his Pentecostal church and ultimately William Branham's "Pentecostal Tabernacle" (later renamed to Branham Tabernacle).

As it turns out, There were ... two ... evangelists Rev. Ralph Rader who worked with Rev. Paul Rader. One was his brother, and one was his relative. This article, describing the Reverends Rader collaborating at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN, describes all three ministers participating in the same revival series.

Research material will be updated as time permits.